Are you simply loving make extra dough indigenous Shopkick?! (If friend don’t know what the is CLICK below NOW!!)

Well, here’s one much more to add to her list… it’s dubbed CheckPoints!

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CheckPoints is an application you can download to your phone, and also works much more or less like Shopkick. However it likewise has a pair more means for girlfriend to collect points.

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First off, choose Shopkick, you get points for walking into any store ~ above the list…or sometimes even just by control by it! open up CheckPoints when you get in the store to collect points for walking in.

(Quick hint for bonus points…We’ve noticed the CheckPoints will certainly alert you to open the application sometimes, when you’re steering by a store. If you open up the alert, you can usually collection those clues without also going right into the store.)

After girlfriend walk right into the store, and collect your walk-in points, there is a perform of commodities that you have the right to scan to knife you even much more points. Each product has actually the number of points provided next to it, for this reason you know what you will certainly be earning. A the majority of scans are worth even more than your walk-in points!


When you’ve collected you points, head come the “Rewards Center” and also you can cash in for multiple gift cards indigenous stores including Starbucks, Express, CVS, Groupon, Amazon, best Buy, Wal-Mart, Sephora, video game Stop, and more! Or conserve up all your points for part gadgets, choose an Xbox One, win Headphones, or one Amazon Kindle.

And you have the right to cash in because that as little as 335 points because that a $1 Gift Card. No should wait for a minimum.





Wanna earn even much more points, FASTER?!

Just watch part videos ~ above the APP. You have the right to select options to watch trailers of movies, video games, and TV shows, or just hit “Play All” and also let your phone pat everything. (If girlfriend walk aways from your phone if you’re videos space playing, just be sure to check in top top it, together it periodically tends to protect against or randomly revolve off.


You can additionally play your “Instant Win” spin-the-wheel video game to collection even an ext points…but the will price you 12 clues a spin.

And one more means you can earn points…

Refer her friends! according to CheckPoints, “You’ll get 100% of the points lock earn for 2 weeks!”


So walk shopping, scan products, watch videos, rotate a wheel, and refer her friends. And also you’ll be earning gift cards in no time! It’s another money making app to include to your list. And another easy way to earn an ext Gift card Money on your phone.

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You have the right to download the CheckPoints application Here.

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Enjoy her CheckPoints, and let us know in the comments below how you’re liking it!