2016 November general Election beforehand Voting

Early poll statistics for the 2016 general election. Some data provided here courtesy that the linked Press Election research study Group. All errors room mine.

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Total number of ballots cast in all reporting jurisdictions: 47,015,596

Scroll under for a table that statistics top top ballots returned and ballots requested or sent. This table has the most existing tally of total returned ballots.


About these Statistics

Election officials might not report early voting statistics. Ns attempt to collect as lot of the information about these ballots as possible. However, I do not hound election officials because that these statistics because they are busy act the vital work of preparing for the upcoming election. Occasionally data will be accessible only at the regional level. I cannot consistently scan for neighborhood data, for this reason I evaluate tips on wherein to uncover data.Note there room two tabs come the spreadsheet. The first tab reports an overview absentee ballot statistics and also has a connect to the main source, if available. Also on the an initial tab are detailed statistics for absentee ballots returned or accepted (depending on how a state or locality defines their ballots). ~ above the 2nd tab are comprehensive statistics for requested or sent out absentee ballots (again, depending on how a state or locality specifies their ballots). Some states might report at an early stage voting statistics through party registration (if a state has actually party registration), race, gender, and also age. It is necessary to recognize breakdowns of early on voters by party registration space not votes. We carry out not know who a human registered v a party vote for. Early on votes are tabulated on choice Day or after, escape if a state accepts letter ballots postmarked on election Day. That said, we might infer that a human being registered v a party is most likely to support their party"s presidential nominee.

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If you want a copy of this data for your use, you re welcome navigate to the tab friend want, pick all (Ctrl-A on most computers), copy (Ctrl-C), and also paste (Ctrl-V) into your local spreadsheet. I ignore all inquiry for accessibility to the Google Doc spreadsheet.
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