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Updates indigenous Uptown People"s legislation Center:

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UPLC is tracking COVID-19 instances in IDOC. To see charts damaged down by prison, click here.



Vaccinating prisoners is great public policy. UPLC collaborated on a plan paper with the Chicago community Bond Fund, Equip for Equality, an initial Defense legal Aid, collaboration Englewood, Warehouse employees for Justice, and also Westside righteousness Center to advocate for Illinois detainees to receive COVID-19 vaccines. Review it here!

Click the videos below to hear messages from Dr. John Raba and also Dr. Pablo Stewart, two of our independent court monitors in Lippert v. Baldwin, around COVID-19 vaccines. Dr. Stewart"s video is addressed specifically to members that the Rasho class-action suit and also their love ones.

At UPLC, we space doing our finest to remain up to day on the recent COVID-19 developments at IDOC facilities approximately the state. If you space in call with a friend, family members member, or other loved one that is at this time in IDOC custody and believe the your love one would certainly be comfortable v you share their info with us, please take it a moment to fill out this survey.

On April 2, 2020, in response to the quickly spreading coronavirus epidemic in Illinois" prisons, a consortium of the area"s leading civil legal rights attorneys and community supporters filed three instances seeking relax of prisoners. All three situations demand the swift relax of those prisoners most fragile to the epidemic prior to they loss victim to it. Read an ext here!

On April 22, 2020, Chicago area polite rights groups came together to write a letter of support for the action of Illinois branch Pritzker. Read an ext here!

On in march 17th, civil rights groups signed an open up letter to governor Pritzker v demands related to prisoners in irradiate of the COVID-19 outbreak in Illinois. The demands include at an early stage release of: prisoners as result of be paroled in ~ 120 days; those through viable clemency petitions; those who space pregnant, postpartum, or living with their infants; and also those who have health conditions, consisting of the elderly.

The full press release and letter to governor Pritzker are available here!

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Recently, governor Pritzker announced that all staff working in Illinois prisons will have to be vaccinated because that COVID-19 through mid-October. Sadly, rather than engaging with the governor, AFSCME, the guards" union, automatically announced that it to be opposed to any requirement that employee be vaccinated. The union rather proposed that it will proceed to educate staff, in the hope that more staff will agree come vaccinate voluntarily.

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The undersigned organizations fully support the governor"s mandate regarding vaccinations for prison staff...