(October 21st 2015, Solana Beach, CA) Eagles of fatality Metal just released their an initial album in virtually seven years and also are touring greatly to support it. Zipper down is the 4th album by the Americana-inspired rock band, and also it contains just as lot piss and also vinegar as previous albums, transporting the high-powered fun their fans have involved expect. Your west coastline tour began in Los Angeles top top Monday, October 19. Wednesday they do their method down to san Diego for a protect against at the ship Up Tavern in nearby Solana Beach prior to heading phibìc again and also then come Europe.

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Eagles of death Metal (EODM) was founded by Jesse Hughes (who walk by Boots Electric) and also Queens that the stone Age frontman mockery Homme. The two prospered up with each other in and also around Palm Desert and are the just two permanent members that EODM. The existing incarnation likewise features famous guitarist and also producer Dave Catching and bassist Matt McJunkins, who previously played because that 30 secs to Mars.

EODM may not be as popular as mockery Homme"s other project kings of the stone Age, but they have actually a rabidly faithful cult following. This is because of frontman Hughes" desert eagle biker-turned-evangelist persona. This charisma was in no quick supply in ~ The belly Up and the crowd turned the end in huge numbers to check out it, pour it until it is full the venue to capacity. The band"s representative group was certainly there, as many of the pan knew the text to nearly all EODM"s songs and they overfilled the stage, yelling out tune requests and even providing Huges a gift at one point.

Zipper under was clear featured greatly in the show at The belly Up, but so were EODM standards like "San Berdoo Sunburn," "I desire You for this reason Hard" and also "Wanna it is in in LA." The band played for virtually two hours, throughout which time they additionally covered Duran Duran"s "Say a Prayer" and also Bachman-Turner Overdrive"s "Takin" treatment of Business." These two interesting options underline EODM"s feeling of fun and also love that all things rock.

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The fun maintained on coming throughout the show. Together Hughes strutted and also danced approximately the belly Up stage, bassist McJunkins pumped up the crowd through Hulk Hogan-like exaggeration moves and Dave catching threw etc picks right into the crowd. Josh Homme, that doesn"t constantly make gigs due to his commitments with QotSA, to be surprisingly quiet behind the drums yet was plainly enjoying himself and riffed v his childhood buddies in between songs. A significant highlight was throughout the encore, where Hughes and Catching gotten in into a sort of mock guitar fight which lasted almost ten minutes. That showcased the skill and camaraderie these 2 have, and was a fun prosper with which to end the show.

Though EODM have a pan base that knows your every move, any type of rock pan would have actually a blast city hall this high-energy tape perform. In between Hughes" charisma and the down-home-American-rock-with-a-twist music format the tape is recognized for, also the uninitiated will discover themselves dancing and laughing along with the Eagles of fatality Metal.