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The minute one unfortunate Eagles fan ran into a pillar on a broad Street line platform after the Eagles NFC Championship video game victory.

It"s early on Monday afternoon, and also I"m worried.

Not about Super key LII. ~ what the Eagles did to the Vikings ~ above Sunday night, the game in 13 days is simply a coronation formality. They obtained this. Take the 5.5 points; bet the mortgage payment.

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What I"m worried about is the burly fella in the Brian Dawkins jersey. 

You know, the harried fan that was recorded on video getting taken out by a broad Street line subway shaft as passengers within the train cheer the on. (This crowd had a gentleman in a T.J. McConnell jersey, which simply rules.)

It"s but five-seconds long. Eyewitnesses and SEPTA officials report that this happened before THE GAME also STARTED.

The viral avalanche began off that a post from Redditor JVR2128. 

This minute in time not only raised the level from the post-Atlanta victory dental love conference on the train, but likewise raised so numerous questions.

For instance, what was he trying come do? You have to think he to be gonna shot to run onto the train at the Ellsworth-Federal stop and ride it WHILE HANGING on THE outside heading southern toward Tasker-Morris. Well, you"d be wrong if that"s what you thought.

"He to be on the platform trying to hype fans ~ above the train up. He to be drunk and he to be hyped." – man Markman

Meet john Markman. He"s a 24-year-old who stays in facility City. He and his buddy Emmet Ashton to be heading northbound to watch the game roughly 6 p.m. After having actually tailgated v friends for about four hours.

Ashton, who doesn"t have a social-media presence, filmed the magical moment. From there, Markman post it come Reddit.

"People are saying that it seemed prefer he let go the train, but that"s not what happened," Markman reported. "He was on the communication trying to exaggeration fans on the train up. Banging on the windows. Screaming every sorts of nonsense. He to be drunk and he was hyped."

Understatement, much?.

Motivations came to be afterthoughts when that blue steel tower leveled a shoulder block that sent him turn in the air together the train rolled on.

It is very an excellent that he didn"t operation head an initial into the pillar. That could"ve to be a watch-the-Super-Bowl-in-the-ER video game changer. It could have prevented that from also seeing the Eagles dismantle the Vikings, together well.

But the reality remains that as soon as he acquired flung come the ground, that could"ve smashed his head onto the ground or gained caught between subway cars to painful effect. Look:

The video, like countless other magical moments across Philly last night, has actually gone viral, but is he OK?

"We didn"t view if he acquired up," said Markman. "Some civilization were concerned, yet everybody got back to drinking and cheering quickly. Everybody thought it to be pretty funny. Us didn"t mean the video clip to go viral."

The dude appeared so lubed up the he mightn"t feeling the effects of the block it rotates Monday morning. Still, ns made a few calls to check into public-safety solution to The Pillaring.

Philadelphia police deferred concerns to SEPTA police together the subway platform would be their jurisdiction. 

Chief Tom Nestel that SEPTA Transit Police said no report to be filed in the incident. (That means there most likely was not a medical speak to made come the scene).

I asked him if that had any kind of warnings about the safety of chasing trains together that gentleman did.

"So numerous things pop right into my head prefer that pole did for him," he said. "Those subway poles are like the Eagles defense. You"re simply not going to acquire past them."

This is really true.

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The reason all heroes don"t undertake capes is due to the fact that they all wear Dawkins jerseys. And, if you know him, you re welcome tell him to drop me a line. I"d love to talk around the life class learned from this moment in time.