Three students researching animation and digital style at Montreal"s centre NAD, the school says, do a video that"s unable to do viral today due to the fact that it watch (sort of) prefer an eagle snatched a baby off the ground and started to paris away v the little kid.

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But center NAD "reassures Montrealers" that there"s "no hazard of being snatched by a imperial eagle." The video was a digitized course project, no a real snatching.

It IDs the clever students as Normand Archambault, Loïc Mireault and Félix Marquis-Poulin.

But wait, might this admission simply be a trick? Anybody up for part digital analysis of the school"s push release?

Probably not: follow to the school, the students have actually fooled some folks before, through a "Penguin escaped zoo in Montreal!!!" video.

Pretty actual looking, eh?


Our original write-up — " "Eagle Snatches Kid" Video: The Debunking Begins":

Here"s a distraction from the day"s heavier news:

It might be a fake — and also many on the net are saying simply that. Yet it"s for real that the "Golden Eagle Snatches Kid" video of something that supposedly happened in Montreal is going famous this morning.

The team at StoryfulPro has gathered some the the debunking that"s going on. There"s job-related being excellent on Reddit, for instance on the sudden appearance that the bird"s shadow. Top top Twitter, "
thornae" has actually been posting around things such as "the disappearing wing."

The Montreal Gazette, meanwhile, says that "on CBC Radio Thursday morning, bird expert David Bird called the incident a hoax, mentioning that it"s photo of an osprey, not an eagle, together the video states."

Two-Way readers who sideline in digital forensics space welcome to offer their analyses in the comment thread.

Update at 11 a.m. ET. More Analysis:

Check this video clip from AnimalWire.

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And, yes, we (like countless other news outlets) have a message in to the video"s creator. If we acquire in touch we"ll update with what we discover out.

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