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Prior come the start of our very first Playoff game of 2018, the outright eagle released in at&t Stadium throughout the national anthem began landing on random fans in the stands.

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By every the visuals we’ve got, it appeared that the eagle favored ireland fans in the stands.

I would have actually personally to be frightened by this breakthrough had ns been the individual that the eagle landing on, yet everybody appeared to play that cool.

After all, the bird was just chillin’, trying come soak in Jerry World and some college football like everybody else:

A bald EAGLE just LANDED ~ above A NOTRE DAME FAN ireland BY 50

— Ben Kercheval (

He do time for a pair of pictures while he was paying access time to miscellaneous fans. Look at the talons on that thing:

photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty images The triumphant elevating of the eagle below by this irish fan is a delight:

photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty pictures as it transforms out, yes a nice little coincidence of the bald eagle landing ~ above that Notre Dame fan, that we now recognize to be named Tuyen Nguyen.

“Oh by the way, ns a huge time Philadelphia Eagles fan,” Nguyen called ESPN. “And the eagle arrived at me at the Cowboys’ stadium. How’s that?”

Everybody in the stands seemed to reap the eagle going rogue, no issue what pan he to be landing on. There might not it is in a larger ovation all day:

After the anthem, the bald eagle landed on two various Notre Dame fans in the stands...

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TheJRob is hoping it is a great sign.

— Kimberley A. Young name (
ByKimberleyA) December 29, 2018

If Notre Dame walk indeed end up to win the game, you gotta throw part credit the eagle’s way.


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