Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying to be Me, is a story about her near-death experience (NDE). After a long battle fighting end-stage lymphoma, her worn down body lastly succumbed to the condition — she organs began to shut down and she felt it s her leaving the world. Moorjani gone into a brand-new realm together her mind slipped into a state that unconsciousness.

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Surreal and also dreamlike, she relates her extraordinary experience in this unknown domain v metaphors, analogies and also the thoughts the she had actually while crossing this realm. Because that Moorjani, it to be a optimistic sensation to fill with lot openness and love — one where she can reconnect with her deceased father and also close friend. She witnessed every part of her life flash before her eye — family, friends and also events. The experience enabled Moorjani to disconnect her mind from her sick body.


Here, in this domain, she learnt what she essential to do to cure herself. Regardless of having a difficult childhood whereby she never truly construed her strictly father, she found how much he love her. He told her that it was no her time come die. She to be to return to the kingdom of the living and live her life fearlessly. And it is here, “on the other side” that she uncovered that in bespeak to heal she necessary to love herself unconditionally.

In this miraculous story, whether you believe it or not, we additionally learn around her childhood, living within a Hindu family setting in modern Hong Kong. The pressures of being different from her institution peers in regards to religion and also culture, the restrictions enforced by her old-fashioned parents and also her lack of self-confidence could have caused emotional strain and triggered she illness.

As she lay in a coma top top the hospital bed, lingering in between two worlds, she heard her loving husband’s pleas and also felt her mother’s anguish. The was as much as her to decide wherein she want to be and also she determined to be v her husband, Daniel. When she finally regained consciousness, the cancer in her body had begun to clean up much to the amazement that the medical fraternity. 

Here"s an additional photo from our visit with among my medical professionals from the time I to be going through the illness ago in...

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A couple of weeks later, Moorjani left the hospital without symptoms the the illness. This NDE was the catalyst to her healing. It provided her the clarity to heal herself internally through optimistic awareness and also self-love. Today, Moorjani lives cost-free of the disease. She speaks and writes around her phenomenal experience with a desire to empower others to live their best lives and understand the other facets of heal not covered by traditional medicine. She story is not around death however the prestige of realising your inherent worth.

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Dying to it is in Me tells united state how important the pursuit of delight is come our health. This book could have been far better if it was an ext concise and also supported with clinical opinions indigenous Moorjani’s doctors. However, the as whole effect is uplifting.