Missing human IDs are one of the many collectible types in The following campaign. This collectibles are lacking people that have died and also they room from Jasir or Bilal"s town. Occasionally these world are significant on the map and sometimes they are hidden. Posters with the displayed absent person have the right to be discovered on the two search boards (Jasir"s and also Bilal"s) and also looking at the poster will note their place on Crane"s map. Each missing person identifier is worth 25 to trust Points each.

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Missing human ID - east Side the Bandit Farm

Area: The CountrysideLocation: east Side that Bandit Farm

Look approximately the outside of the wall surfaces on the east side the the Bandit Farm and you"ll find two bodies that Crane deserve to turn over. Among them will have actually a lacking Person ID below the body. Crane has to pertained to this farm throughout the Kaan and Able story quest once he an initial gets the dust buggy. The farm is to the phibìc of Jasir"s Farm.



Missing human ID - far West side of Atilla"s Mansion Grounds

Area: The CountrysideLocation: within a building to the west the the mansion

The area the you"ll find this in is to the west the the Atilla"s mansion the Crane visits in the Vanitas story quest. This area is top top the southeast section of the map and it"s come the south east of the Train bridge safe zone that you unlock in The great Train Robbery next quest. Enter the building on the west side of the entrance area that the mansion grounds and turn end the body inside. The ID will be under the masculine body.



Missing human being ID - "Jump Drink" Shop

Area: The CountrysideLocation: within the "Jump Drink" shop come the southern of Bilal"s Gas Station

Find the dirt road to the south of Bilal"s Gas station that leads under to 2 shop structures along the shoreline. This body is on the floor across from the respond to in the "Jump Drink" shop.

Missing person ID - house to the phibìc of Ercan"s Farm

Area: The CountrysideLocation: home to the north of Ercan"s Farm

Crane will unlock Ercan"s Farm during the Lazarus side quest once he goes over there to conserve Ercan and also avenge his family. This residence is come the phibìc of the safe zone and it"s just down the street indigenous the restaurant for sure zone. The prior door the the residence needs to it is in lockpicked open. Open the room turn off to the ideal on the 2nd floor and also a dead body will be hanging by a noose in the room. This identifier is top top the small table come the left of the body. Ns don"t know why that dead body freaks me the end so much - it must be because of just how alive that looks in the face. Haha.


Missing human ID - road to the south of the Granary

Area: The CountrysideLocation: road to the southern of the granary

This body have the right to be discovered on the road to the southern of the granary area that Crane needs to go during the at the finish of the Tunnel story quest. It"s come the southeast of two train carts whereby Crane can find the speculative military brakes component blueprint and also the cobra sting blueprint.

Missing person ID - North part of Harran Dam

Area: The CountrysideLocation: North section of Harran Dam

Go come Harran Dam and you"ll find this guy to the phibìc of the dam water follow me the north next of the dam. He appears to have fallen native the north side of the highway that goes over the dam (to the west). If you go as much as the highway over him, you can see bloody footprints along the railing and you have the right to see whereby he fight the wall surface on the means down. His bloody footprints and also where he falls is actually a clue come the Cougar repaint job on a platform follow me the dam wall surface above him.

Area: The CountrysideLocation: roadway to the Southwest the Bandit Gas Station

Search the roadway to the southwest the the Bandit Gas terminal safe zone and you"ll uncover a body with a yellow shirt. Rotate it end to uncover this absent person ID. The Bandit Gas terminal is come the south of the granary that Crane has to go throughout the at the end of the Tunnel story quest.

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Missing human ID - within the Volatile Hive south-east of Jasir"s Farm

Area: The CountrysideLocation: inside the volatile hive south east of Jasir"s Farm

Crane must go to the volatile hive come the southeast of Jasir"s Farm throughout the under the hare Hole. As soon as you an initial enter, you"ll come to an area the branches right into two paths. Take it the route straight ahead and also (if the volatile hive is quiet active) you"ll find countless virals in the campsite area straight ahead. This human body is near the campfire in that area. You"ll likewise find a racing trophy is in in between two bags in the area.