"I"ve gained a tissue underneath mine elbow since I felt prefer my turtleneck was expensive," says gendergeek.org"s Sexiest man Alive

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is famous for plenty of things: his career as a wrestler, one impeccably raised single eyebrow, and also most recently, his spot as gendergeek.org’s 2016 Sexiest male Alive. Yet despite his superfame (and indisputably sexy demeanor), there’s one goofy picture he can’t outrun.

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You recognize the one, in i m sorry he’s proudly wearing a black color turtleneck (chain top top the outside) tucked right into his jeans and a black fannypack tie the entirety thing together, complete with a casual lean against a staircase. (In his very own words: “Fanny pack and lean take it it come a totality other level… #90sRock #WTF #BuffLesbian.”) Well, us spoke to him about the look, and he described exactly what go into choosing that top outfit: a totality lot that self-esteem.



“Alright, therefore here’s the thing,” Johnson begins to describe to gendergeek.org. “It takes a lot of confidence to absent a fanny pack. Put your ignorance in the fanny pack. I’m giving a look.”

And as with many things regarded Johnson, there’s for this reason much more to that photo than meets the eye — a detail we gambling you’ve never ever noticed before.

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“I’ve acquired a tissue underneath mine elbow since I felt prefer my turtleneck was expensive,” he says, laughing. “The funniest thing around this photo is, this is no a joke. I walked the end of the house like this. Like: Hey baby, this is it, right?’

And the guy in the mirror (and likely plenty of ladies on his means to work) said, “Yeah, girlfriend look good!”

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