ET"s Nancy O"Dell traveled to the tropical paradise of Hawaii to visit she old friend Dwayne Johnson, that talked about his upcoming film Journey 2: The mysterious Island and also introduced Nancy come his well known "pec popular music of love."

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Dwayne prove his chest-rolling maneuver and also said if enforcement properly, can drive females wild. "The thing around the pec pop of love is, it"s important when you carry out it -- once a guy does that to acquire the attention of a mrs -- you"ve got to carry out it with confidence." After extensively impressing Nancy with his pectoral display, the adds: "It"s a gift, it"s one of those things God delivered, i signed for it and here us are."

Dwayne prospered up in Hawaii and said when he to be thrilled to be ago filming there, the experience carried up mixed memories. "I had wonderful times v my family here, however Hawaii additionally really stood for struggle for us, battle for the family. By the moment I was 13 below in Hawaii ns was gaining in trouble, law a most things ns shouldn"t have actually been doing... I know, ns know, who would have thought."

His brand-new adventure movie -- which also stars mock Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens and also Michael Caine -- focuses on a family"s search for their grandfather on a secret island lived in by strange and also threatening life forms, volcanoes and mountains of gold. Journey 2: The secret Island hits theaters February 10.

Video: Dwayne Johnson"s secret "Island" Talent

Speaking about Dwayne, Josh states that in spite of his huge physical stature and charisma top top screen, the star is actually very easy to occupational with and also quite the prankster ~ above set. Vanessa confessed to ET the she"s an adrenaline junkie and also was excited to perform plenty of of her very own stunts.

Dwayne additionally showcases his musical talent through serenading Nancy v Hawaii"s classic ukulele. He also reveals a bit around his personal life, saying he is currently dating. "I am dating, I"ve got a distinct gal. Ns do, I"m an extremely happy. I can"t disclose who that is since there"s multiple. No, no I"m just kidding."

Watch the video for more with Dwayne in Hawaii and also to hear his comments on George Clooney"s girlfriend Stacy Keibler, whom he obtained to understand while both were working as skilled wrestlers.

Video: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ranking Who"s name is in Hollywood

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