Why Dwayne Johnson isn’t Returning For quick & Furious 9 Dwayne Johnson has actually indicated the he won"t it is in returning as Luke Hobbs in fast & Furious 9 and the reasoning stems from multiple situations.

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Fast & Furious spinoff through Dwayne Johnson together Hobbs might happen
Dwayne Johnson won"t it is in returning together Luke Hobbs because that Fast & Furious 9, and also it comes down to two significant reasons. The actor, who found fame as the expert wrestler known as "The Rock," has appeared in the Fast & Furious franchise due to the fact that 2011"s Fast Five. He and co-star Jason Statham freshly headlined their own spinoff, Hobbs & Shaw. One much more installment is supposed to release after Fast & Furious 9 prior to the core movies in the franchise pave up.

When Luke Hobbs was introduced in Fast Five, he to be an agent of the United claims Diplomatic security Service and a bounty hunter hired to take down Dom Torreto and also his crew. After discovering the truth around the murdered DEA agents, Hobbs joined pressures with Dom. He ongoing being one ally, periodically reluctantly, throughout Fast & Furious 6 and also Furious 7 once it involved facing the crime-ridden shaw family. When Dom got involved with a cyber-terrorist in The Fate the the Furious, Hobbs came out the retirement to aid his old friends.

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Since Johnson is currently a clip of the Fast & Furious franchise, his personality was favored to it is in the emphasis of a spinoff, in addition to Statham"s Deckard Shaw. Hobbs & Shaw complied with the duo after ~ they to be hired by the CIA to record a rogue MI6 certified dealer who had stolen a lethal gene engineered virus. The movie was praised through fans and also scored a spot within the optimal ten crate office performances the 2019. In spite of the success, Johnson won"t it is in reprising his role for the next installment the the primary films. The future of Hobbs & Shaw has something to do with that, however so walk his recent feud through Fast & Furious" leading man, Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel together Dominic Toretto and also Dwayne Johnson together Hobbs in Fast and Furious 5
Diesel, who has actually played Dominic Toretto due to the fact that Fast & Furious kicked off in 2001, stays the driving pressure behind the franchise. Much of the decision-making concerning the films and the future of the franchise comes down to him. Front of the premiere the The Fate the the Furious in 2017, rumors about a feud in between Johnson and also Diesel began to circulate. Words were said and also shady remarks to be made publicized, and also it to be clear that the 2 actors weren"t seeing eye come eye with their duties in the franchise.

Diesel shared his assistance for the Hobbs & Shaw release and Johnson appeared to lastly squash the feud last September. He required to social media to say thanks to his Fast & Furious family, including Diesel, prior to ending the video clip with "I"ll be seeing you soon, Toretto." This seems choose a great sign because that the return ~ above Hobbs in the future, but it may have actually come also late for Johnson come be connected with Fast & Furious 9. Manufacturing for the film to be well underway prior to Johnson placed out the olive branch. In addition, co-star Tyrese Gibson has still had actually some selection words because that Johnson, indicating that he could not be invited by all just yet.

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Due to the rocky relationship with cast members, Johnson can be concentrating on his solo future in the franchise through a sequel come Hobbs & Shaw. The success of the film and also interest in the characters sounds choose there"s a an excellent chance because that a Hobbs & show 2 down the line. The gibbs has additionally been busy through his upcoming project, Jungle Cruise, i m sorry presumably hindered any type of opportunity to work on Fast & Furious 9. It seems most likely that Johnson could appear in Fast & Furious 10 in some capacity yet the future that Luke Hobbs seems brighter in the spinoff human being of Fast & Furious.