Dustin Johnson has opened up about fiancee Pgendergeek.orglina Gretzky, saying she’s to be a huge component of his climb to the height of human being golf.

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The world No.1 will aim to crown a dazzling return to kind with the second significant championship that his career when the rescheduled US open tees off on Thursday.

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Johnson, new from capturing the end-of-season PGA tourism playoff crown, starts together a heavy favourite ahead of the an initial round in ~ Winged Foot in Mamaroneck, new York.

“I"m definitely playing probably the best I"ve ever played,” the big-hitting 36-year-old said.

“I really feel like whatever is dialled in quite well.”

And Johnson, who has actually won a staggering US$67 million (gendergeek.org$92 million) in job prize money, says Gretzky’s love and also support has helped him unlock his complete potential.

“She’s a huge component of me, our family and also my success,” the told Golfweek.

“She’s residence with the kids, and also has been great with that, and also just has actually been a large supporter becgendergeek.orgse that me, with everything I must do.

“She understands everything it take away to acquire to where you want to be and also the sacrifices you have to make. Having actually her dad as the best hockey player, she understands.

“You couldn’t ask becgendergeek.orgse that a better partner.”

Pgendergeek.orglina is the dgendergeek.orgghter of ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

Together since 2013, Pgendergeek.orglina and Johnson have actually two boy (Tatum, 5, and also River, 3) together.

“The finest thing in the world is having actually kids. We’re happy to have two exorbitant boys,” Johnson said.

“It’s yes, really been amazing, the town hall them flourish up and also enjoying the time.

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“For me, golf was always the most crucial thing. And also now, it’s Pgendergeek.orglina and the kids. And they’ll always be the most important.

“Obviously, ns love the game of golf, competing and also playing. Yet they’re the most important thing.”



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