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Dustin Johnson. Peter Morrison / AP images The 36-year-old has actually been No. 1 because that years, according to CBS.

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Tiger Woods gift Johnson through his environment-friendly jacket complying with his 2020 masters win. Patrick Smith/Getty pictures

He celebrated his master win through a pilgrimage to the Caribbean, tequila shots, and also many games of large Jenga.


Dustin Johnson. frank Franklin II/AP images

Days prior to heading come Augusta, Georgia, for the 2021 tournament, he sold his Florida mansion for $16.5 million, triple what the bought that for six years ago, Insider reported.

Meanwhile, Paulina Gretzky — the Gretzky family's eldest child — has actually pursued a multi-faceted career as a singer and model, over the years.


Paulina Gretzky. Marco Garcia/AP photos

According to the Sun, her tune "Collecting Dust" to be featured ~ above "Laguna Beach" earlier in the day.

Johnson and Gretzky. Sam Greenwood / Getty pictures

Speaking come Golf Digest in 2014, Paulina Gretzky asserted to have looked prefer a "ragamuffin" during their initial 2009 meeting, yet she included that Johnson to be a "really cute guy" and also an "endearing gentleman."

She likewise said her mom talked she up upon conference Johnson.

"I"m certain he was rolling his eyes, and so to be I as soon as my mother invited me over to fulfill this golfer she had actually just met," she said.

According come, Janet Gretzy invited Johnson over for dinner and also he remained friendly through the family.

2012: when they finally went on their very first date three years later, she parents tagged along.

Janet Jones and Wayne Gretzky. Arthur Mola/Invision/AP pictures

"I don"t understand if girlfriend can speak to it a date due to the fact that my dad tagged along," Gretzky said GOLF in 2016.

Wayne Gretzky added: "That"s just how it goes in our family. Janet and I go out to eat, and also we somehow always wind increase with 7 or eight world at the table. Everyone is invited."

The Gretzksys themselves have actually been married due to the fact that 1988, and also they have five youngsters together, including Paulina.

August 2013: just seven months after they started dating, Johnson popped the question.

Gretzky the town hall Johnson during round among the Hyundai competition of champions in 2014. Tom Pennington/Getty images

"She stated yes!!!," Johnson tweeted. She added on Instagram, "Never been happier."

January 2014: Gretzky required to Instagram come showcase what Golf Digest referred to as a "surprisingly powerful swing."

Paulina Gretzky. Doug McSchooler/AP photos

It caused her obtaining a resolve TaylorMade, she later told Golf Digest.

April 2014: Gretzky said it had actually been difficult to collection a wedding day due to your whirlwind schedules. "It'll it is in our one-of-a-kind day, and also we simply want the to be right and to fit," she said.

Johnson and also Gretzky in October 2015. chris Condon/PGA TOUR/Getty pictures

"The most essential thing because that me right currently is my partnership with Dustin. It"s what provides me happiest, and also I don"t think there"s something wrong v that. It"s necessary for human being to establish it"s okay to it is in happy in love. If friend don"t desire to provide up something, that"s okay. But if you"re in love and also have to provide up something, that"s it s okay too," she said Golf Digest.

April 2014: In one interview v Golf Digest, Gretzky admitted she wasn't always a large fan of golf.

Johnson and also Gretzky. Jamie Squire / Getty photos

Of course, the Gretzkys are well known for hockey, yet her household is into golf together well.

"I didn"t evaluate golf as much when ns was little, probably due to the fact that my mother put us in tennis camps and golf camps," Gretzky told Golf Digest.

She has played, though. "I walked all 18 feet in mine dad"s tournament. Felt prefer the longest job of my life, but I stuck through it. The truth is, i was a total tomboy and also loved sports. Dad constantly says i was his ideal athlete. Ns played softball until the 6th grade, and that"s when I said, "Dad, stop. I"m a girl,"" she said Golf Digest in 2014.

But in between her parents" love the golf and also her an option of fiancé, she"s become much more enamored v the sports of golf.

"I"ll go with him come the selection every as soon as in a while, yet mostly I simply love being v him and also watching that play," she claimed of her fiancé.

August 2014: Johnson went v a unstable patch after experimentation positive for cocaine. The Gretzkys sustained him throughout.

Johnson and also Gretzky in 2015. Jeff Gross/Getty images report Johnson failed drug tests because that cocaine and also marijuana. In July 2014, he claimed he would be acquisition a leaving of absence to "seek professional aid for personal challenges I have actually faced."

Fox News reported that Wayne Gretzky had taken to mentoring Johnson — and reportedly warned him to clean increase his act and also stop partying.

September 2014: Gretzky and Johnson announce they're expecting their very first baby.

Johnson and also Gretzky in 2014. Noel Vasquez/GC Images/Getty images

djohnsonpga & i room so excited to ultimately share through you every our impressive news..we"re having a baby!!" Gretzky composed on a since-deleted Instagram post on September 24, 2014, the LA times reported.

January 2015: The pair welcomed their first son, Tatum Johnson, to the world.

Johnson and Gretzky and also son Tatum in 2016. plunder Carr/Getty images

Tatum was born on January 15, 2015.

"Paulina and I are happy to announce the come of our baby boy, who was born in Los Angeles ~ above Monday morning,"Johnson created on Instagram, us Weekly reported.

"Both Paulina and the baby are healthy, resting comfortably, and also in great spirits! we sincerely evaluate the outpouring the love and also support we have actually received and plan come release further details in the coming days," he added.

January 2015: Johnson indicated to Sports shown that he had actually taken Wayne Gretzky's advice to heart by establishing a simpler, much more family-oriented routine.

Johnson, Gretzky, and son Tatum in 2016. David Cannon/Getty photos

"Over these past 4 or five months I"ve really grown up," the told Sports portrayed in January 2015, "and i am beginning to end up being the human being I want my youngsters to look increase to."

Sports Illustrated also reported the the couple frequently ate breakfast and also dinner through Gretzky"s parents once they live nearby.

April 2016: Gretzky caddied because that Johnson in ~ the 2016 Masters.

Johnson and Gretzky walk increase No. 1 during the Par 3 challenge at the 2016 master Tournament. Charles Laberge/Augusta nationwide via Getty images

She caddied because that him throughout the par three contest, an occasion in which many professional golfers pick their household members or friends come act as caddies for them.

June 2016: Gretzky to be there to support Johnson at his very first US open up win.

Johnson and also Gretzky after Johnson won the US open on June 19, 2016. Andrew Redington/Getty pictures

This to be Johnson"s an initial Majors win, and Gretzky was there at his side when he deserve his silver trophy.

July 2016: Johnson said the associated Press they had actually planned to acquire married the year prior, however their schedule hadn't enabled it.

Johnson and also Gretzsky. Julio Cortez/AP photos

He added that the dimension of the wedding doesn"t matter to him.

"That bill is going come Wayne," Johnson joked.

February 2017: The pair revealed they were expecting a second child. They later on took to Instagram because that a golf-themed sex reveal.

Johnson and also Tatum. Eric Gay/AP images

In the post, Johnson struggle a golf sphere that exploded right into blue powder, signifying they were expecting one more son.

June 2017: Their 2nd son, flow Jones Johnson, to be born.

Johnson hugs Tatum. Ross Kinnaird / Getty pictures

River was born top top June 12, 2017.

"I"m for this reason thankful because that my family and also the new addition flow Jones Johnson
paulinagretzky," Johnson post on Instagram top top River"s birth.

2018: They were pictured in ~ the Ryder Cup Gala dinner at the royal residence of Versailles, France, where Johnson showed just what an impressive Instagram husband that is.

Johnson and also Gretzky in 2018. Andrew Redington/Getty photos

Gretzky has practically 1 million Instagram followers.

November 2020: She was ideal there to congratulate him as soon as he won his first Masters.

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Johnson and Gretzky in 2020. plunder Carr/Getty pictures

"Honey, i"m forever & always your best fan. Therefore proud of you," Gretzky wrote on Instagram come celebrate her husband"s very first Masters win.

January 2021: They may still not be married, however Gretzky said, "We're therefore in love."

Johnson and Gretzky in 2020. Kevin C. Cox/Getty images

During an appearance on her sister-in-law"s podcast "The Netchicks," Gretzky said," ns don"t understand if civilization know if me and also Dustin space really married or not. We"re not. We"re so in love."

She added: "I don"t desire anything native Dustin various other than ns love him."

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