Chicago Fire actress DuShon Monique Brown’s cause of death has to be revealed. According to many reports, the former NBC star died of sepsis, i m sorry is together an epidemic of the blood of unknown origin.

The cook County medical Examiner’s Office likewise reports the hypertensive cardiovascular condition and excessive weight were contributing components to Brown"s death in March.

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Original: March, 24 2018

Chicago Fire actress DuShon Monique Brown has passed away at the age of 49.

According come the Chicago Tribune, Brown, who has actually played chief Boden"s assistant Connie ~ above the renowned NBC drama because 2012, died just after ~ noon ~ above Friday in ~ Franciscan St. James health and wellness hospital in Olympia Fields, IL. Her exact reason of death has no yet to be disclosed, but Brown"s rep Robert Schroeder told reporters that her "untimely death" was from "natural causes," according to USA Today.

“We are ravaged by the ns of a very talented and also kindhearted soul. DuShon was a film, television, commercial and also voice-over actress who also graced the stages of countless Chicago theaters," Schroeder told USA Today. "She brought laughter and also joy come many and will be greatly missed.”

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We are saddened by the sudden passing of #sagaftramember DuShon Monique Brown, who died today in ~ 49.

sagaftra) march 24, 2018

In addition to Chicago Fire, Brown was ideal known because that her function as Katie Welch top top Prison Break, and also guest point out on Empire and Shameless. She was also a veteran the the Chicago theater scene, having actually performed at Goodman, win Gardens, Lookingglass, and Drury Lane.

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“The Chicago Fire family members is ravaged to lose one that its own,” the show"s executive producer cock Wolf said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with DuShon’s family and also we will certainly all miss out on her.”

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