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Coconut Iced Coffee

Disclosure: This Coconut Iced Coffee recipe is a sponsored short article on instead of of Dunkin" Donuts Coffee. All opinions are my own.

Spring is below and along with nicer weather come the new Dunkin Donuts Coffee spring Seasonal Flavors. The new Dunkin" Donuts coffee flavors are Toasted Almond, Peach Cobbler and Coconut.


The Dunkin" Donuts Coconut coffee is so an excellent it is making a return appearance from last year so you recognize it needs to be good!

Coldbrewed Coconut Iced Coffee Concentrate

I love coffee and I drink it both hot and cold most days. Mine favorite method to drink a flavored coffee is as an iced coffee. Ns cold brew my very own whether that is the Original Dunkin" Donuts coffee or a seasonal flavored Dunkin" Donuts coffee.

The Dunkin" Donuts Coconut Coffee is so good iced!

How to do a Coffee concentrate at home

Today i am going come share with you exactly how easy it is come make your own cold brewed iced coffee concentration at home. Making a cold brewed coffee concentrate is what makes an iced coffee so good. No more watered down homemade iced coffee"s for you!

You will need

1 quart dimension jar or container with a chop lid1 cup Dunkin" Donuts Coconut Coffee groundsWater (filtered is best)coffee filterfine mesh strainerbowlMeasure the coffee into the jar.Pour enough water into the jug to to fill to the neck the the jar.Screw the lid on and give that a shake.Once the coffee settles if over there is room add an ext water to fill the jar.Place the jug on a counter for 8-12 hours. 12 hrs is best.After the time is up place a coffee filter right into the good mesh strainer. Location the strainer end a bowl.Shake the jar and carefully pour about half of the coffee concentrate and coffee grounds right into the coffee filter and permit to slowly drainpipe into the bowl.Once the first half has drained into the bowl pour the rest of the coffee concentrate and also coffee grounds into the filter and enable to drain.Add around a ¼ cup the water come the drain and swirl about to obtain every drop. Pour that with the filter.Allow every the coffee concentrate to drainpipe into the bowl till the coffee grounds space no longer saturated.Discard the coffee filter and also coffee grounds.Cover the coconut coffee concentrate and also chill.

To make a glass that Iced Coconut Coffee include ¼-1/2 cup that coffee concentrate to a glass filled v ice. Include enough milk to fill the glass. Sweeten together desired.

Once you make this iced coffee concentration you room going come love it so lot that you will keep a jug in the frozen fridge at every times. So much I have made the Peach Cobbler Iced Coffee concentrate and also the Coconut Iced Coffee concentrate. The room delicious.

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To uncover out an ext about the brand-new Spring Dunkin" Donuts Coffee Flavors head over to the Dunkin" Donuts website.