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Two Dunkin" Donuts employee in Iowa have been fired because that refusing to offer a Des Moines police officer.

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Sgt. Paul Parizek, a spokesman for the Des Moines Police Department, stated he was refused organization after visiting the save at 1220 SE 14th St. End the weekend.

Parizek called KXNO"s Morning sirloin Show, co-hosted through his wife, heath Burnside, that he is a continual customer in ~ the Dunkin" Donuts and is known to it is in a police officer.

He stated he was out of uniform top top the day of the incident on Saturday morning, yet was wearing a blue line hat.

"I said, "Are friend serious?"" he said while explicate the moment the workers claimed they will certainly not be serving him. "And she just kinda stared at me and I said, "What"s walk on?" She said, "We"re not gonna offer you today and also you must leave.""

Parizek believes that wasn"t offered as a result of the Black resides Matter and also police brutality protests that have emerged in the wake up of the fatality of Minneapolis guy George Floyd in May.

Parizek left the keep without incident and also contacted Dunkin" Donuts management. He said he doesn"t drink their coffee, yet often gets food indigenous Dunkin" Donuts because that his friends and also family.

"No one have the right to guarantee me castle haven"t to be doing something come those commodities these last four months," Parizek said.

In a statement come WHO-TV, Dunkin" Donuts apologized because that the incident and also confirmed the 2 employees have actually been fired.

"The employees" behavior is not continual with Dunkin"s score of developing an inclusive, welcoming atmosphere for all of our guests," a spokesperson said. "Additionally, Dunkin" respects the initiatives of our police force as they work-related to preserve a safe ar for every one of us. The franchise owner, who independently owns and also operates this restaurant, notifies us that the two people responsible have been terminated.

"The franchise owner has also connected v the police officer to apologize because that the experience."

Speaking to KXNO, Parizek claimed he didn"t call for the pair to it is in fired, but wanted one explanation for their actions.

"As newly as Tuesday among the young ladies in there took cash money the end of my hand to get in her pocket and also then Saturday decides "Well, you"re a racist cop and we"re not going to offer you,"" Parizek said. has contacted the Des Moines Police Department for comment.

This week, a Chipotle worker in Colorado was fired indigenous their job after creating "I can"t breathe" on the packaging the a meal served to a police officer.

In a statement come, Chipotle said the worker was fired for serving the packaging come the Colorado police officer, adding the firm has "zero-tolerance because that any form of discrimination."

The "I can"t breathe" post is thought to it is in a recommendation to the final words uttered by Floyd as Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for numerous minutes.

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The food served to the officer showed up to have actually not to be tampered with.


an image of the sign for Dunkin" Donuts as photographed on march 16, 2020 in Levittown, new York. 2 Dunkin’ Donuts employees have actually been fired for refusing to offer a police officer in Iowa. Bruce Bennett/Getty