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So it is no mystery that i LOVE Dunkin Donuts and also that i LOVE Elf top top the Shelf, so ns figured i would integrate the two and come up through some funny Elf on the Shelf concepts with Donuts!

These easy elf top top the shelf principles for kids take simply minutes to set up! to add you solve the day-to-day question of, what to give the youngsters for breakfast. Donuts of course! similar to their elf friends!

Elf top top the Shelf ideas with Donuts


New for this year! Elf ~ above the Shelf heather Certificate! Grab the to present your Elf has a clean bill of health! seize yours Here.

Christmas funny for Kids

Theseelf on the shelf cookiesare likewise super awesome and also a great way come welcome your Elf on the Shelf!

You could want to print out the Elf top top the Shelf rules Printableat the very same time.

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This reminds the children of every the “Elf ~ above the Shelf rules”. We all recognize those rules are very important come follow!

If you space stuck on Elf Names,Check the end this awesome perform of 110Elf on the shelf names! us havegirl elf namesandboy elf names!

More Holiday funny to check out!

If your kiddos love Santa climate be certain to inspect out how toFacetime Santa! add to you deserve to alsocall Santaon the FREESantas call Number!

You should additionally check the end thesefunny elf ~ above the shelf ideas! There are over 135Elf top top the Shelf Ideasthat youngsters will love! If you space running quick on time, then make sure you inspect out this perform ofQuick Elf on the Shelf ideas!