Alright, the chain has actually “Donuts” in the name — is it feasible to eat healthy and balanced there? Absolutely. While the fast-food share does have a wall surface of sprinkled and also stuffed doughnuts behind the cash register and offers greasy breakfast sandwiches galore, there are more nutritious choices if you understand where to look.

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Dunkin’ Donuts puts forward the food selection items they deem the healthiest on your DDSmart menu, which was curated alongside nutritionists and other experts. Plenty of of these items also made the onto our list.

To decide what’s healthy and also what’s not, we looked to more than simply calories. This list takes other factors into account, together well, including sodium levels, nutrients prefer fat and also protein, and the level the processing used in certain foods.

That being said, it’s vital to read this details with a serial of salt. Those healthiest because that one human may not be those healthiest for another. Those healthiest to pick for breakfast more than likely won’t be the exact same as those healthiest to select for a little snack to order with your drink. You can find all of Dunkin’ Donuts’ nutrition details on their website; but here room our height 10 picks because that the healthiest items and the 10 unhealthiest items on their menu.

If you want to splurge for a doughnut but don’t want to overdo the on the sugar and also fat, this one’s because that you. The French Cruller is Dunkin’ Donuts’ lowest-calorie doughnut top top the menu, with just 220 calories for the whole thing. It has 10 grams of sugar and also 13 grams the fat, i m sorry is much less than part snack bars. Of course, that’s not to to speak this doughnut is a more nutritious choice — though, if you’re desire a doughnut, ordering one might be the healthiest option!

If you’re opting for a bagel, her healthiest gambling is to select the Multigrain Bagel in ~ Dunkin’ Donuts. While it has 350 calories and also definitely has some carbs, that’s no necessarily a bad thing. Plus, it has actually 8 grams of fiber from totality grains — end 30 percent the your day-to-day recommended amount! spreading your bagel v cream cheese will add approximately 100 much more calories and some dietary fat to save you satisfied because that longer.


Whole serial oats deserve to be a healthy, satisfying way to begin the morning. Oats carry out fiber, folate, and also other nutrients. The course, it’s healthier to sweeten her oatmeal at home with fruit and other herbal ingredients, therefore Dunkin’s version isn’t fairly perfect. A cup the oatmeal from Dunkin’ contains 310 calories and 35 grams the sugar, so be aware of that when you begin dumping sugar into your coffee, as well. Eat too much sugar at an early stage in the morning can provide you a nasty sugar crash.

There space healthier points to put on a breakfast sandwich 보다 processed meat — deli meats, prefer these various other salty foods, often tend to be heavy in sodium. This sandwich has 900 milligrams of sodium total, which is a lot of to get from breakfast. However, the sandwich has just 360 calories and also 15 grams of fat.


While the yolk that the egg is perfectly healthy and balanced — the the many nutritious part of the egg! — Dunkin’ Donuts does market the choice for a breakfast sandwich on an English muffin with just the egg white and cheese. This level sandwich i will not ~ feel all over near as decadent as a breakfast sandwich stuffed through other great things, however it’ll be low-calorie if that’s what you’re looking for! This food selection option has 270 calories and also 6 grams of fat.

This option is similar to the Egg White and also Cheese on an English Muffin, except it sneaks in some extra vegetables by making use of an egg white omelette rather of just the egg. The sandwich is 310 calories and 10 grams of fat. Its only drawback is the sodium, more than likely from the processed part of American cheese. There room 730 milligrams of salt in this breakfast.

Ordering a Wake-Up wrap is a an excellent idea for once you want a light bite instead of a enormous breakfast. However, due to the fact that this pave is just 210 calories, it likely won’t keep you complete for long. Part Wake-Up Wraps are even skimpier 보다 this one and can’t even pretend to happen for a meal. However this one has actually bacon, egg, and also cheese, therefore if you combine it with some fruit or a smoothie, it can do the trick because that breakfast. This option likewise contains 9 grams that protein and 13 grams the fat.

Since it’s made through sausage and also egg and cheese, this Wake-Up wrap provides more in regards to nutrition than part others ~ above the menu. The Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Wake-Up Wrap has actually 290 calories, 11 grams the protein, and also 20 grams of dietary fat. But eating fat isn’t constantly a poor thing — below are some reasons you need to actually be adding more fat to her diet.

Turkey sausage is a leaner source of protein than constant pork sausage since it has actually less saturated fat. This Wake-Up Wrap consists of 240 calories, 14 grams the fat, and also 13 grams of protein. Pair it v some fruit or yogurt for a breakfast the will store you satisfied.

Rather 보다 ordering a breakfast sandwich ~ above a croissant or a bagel, you have the right to opt because that an English muffin to save your calorie count under while tho indulging your craving. This straightforward and classic breakfast sandwich consists of 340 calories and 15 grams that fat. You likewise get come eat the egg yolk, i beg your pardon is where most of the nutritional benefit of eggs in reality comes from!

A Kolache from Dunkin’ Donuts is pretty much an oversized pig in the blanket. They take a cheesy sausage and wrap it in flaky, white dough. However, these sausages are super processed, molded with each other from a mix of beef, pork, mechanically be separate turkey, mechanically separated chicken, and a laundry list of various other chemicals and ingredients. Despite it has actually only 370 calories — far less than some various other restaurant warm dogs — it additionally has 500 milligrams that sodium and also 12 grams of sugar. That’s much more sugar than part doughnuts on the menu!

It shouldn’t come as a shock the a doughnut isn’t the healthiest thing on the menu — you’re most likely not in search of something healthy and balanced if she ordering one. But some doughnuts are an ext decadent than others. The cacao Crème Stick is among the sweetest, densest ones, v 480 calories and 33 grams that sugar.

Even more sugary 보다 the coco Crème stick is the Maple Crème pole — with the same number of calories, 480, this doughnut has 35 grams of sugar. Yet again, a doughnut is a doughnut. There’s no denying that the best doughnuts to be made to it is in sweet.

Next up on the perform is the Glazed Jelly Stick. The jelly this doughnut is stuffed with much more corn syrup and sugar than actual fruit. The whole pastry is 490 calories and 39 grams the sugar. If you a diabetic, it is in wary the this dessert; if you aren’t, don’t freak the end if you eat too lot sugar. The worst that might happen is that you experience one of these symptoms that you’ve overdone it and take some time away from sweets because that a while.

A muffin — especially a muffin indigenous a fast-food chain — is much from a healthy and balanced breakfast. Instead of getting the protein, healthy and balanced fat, and also carbs that you need, you’re just fueling yourself through a large load that sugar. The chocolate Chip Muffin has 550 calories and 50 grams of sugar. If you desire to eat a pastry for breakfast yet avoid the street crash, try prepping your own whole-grain breakfast muffins at home.

Even an ext caloric 보다 the cacao Chip Muffin is the Coffee Cake Muffin. Among these has actually 590 calories and 51 grams that sugar. If you pairing that through a sugary Dunkin’ Donuts coffee drink as well, she in dangerous territory for her blood sugar.

This items is regional, so you won’t discover it in ~ every Dunkin’. However at some, you deserve to order chicken salad in a croissant — a combination that could be tasty native a suitable bakery or deli, however might no be the many satisfying native a fast-food chain. It’s likewise pretty fatty (thanks come what’s most likely too lot mayonnaise) and has 690 calories.

A breakfast sandwich is commonly a pretty well balanced meal. You get protein from eggs, carbs from the bread, and an ext nutritional value from everything else you select to add. However, the Sausage, Egg & Cheese on a Croissant is a tiny much. It has actually nearly fifty percent your recommended limit of salt for the work — 1,120 milligrams. Additionally, you will do it be eat 710 calories and also 51 grams that fat. Stimulate this sandwich on an English muffin or bagel come cut back on the grease from the buttery, flaky croissant.

Twice the sausage it s okay you almost twice the sodium and also fat. This hefty breakfast sandwich contains 890 calories and also 53 grams the fat. However that’s not also the many shocking an effect of opting because that the extra processed patty that meat — this sandwich has 1,970 milligrams the sodium. Too plenty of of these could send her blood pressure even higher than these other sodium-packed foods.

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There space some super-sweet items on Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu, however this is by much the sweetest. The cacao flavor of the Extra thick Shake, once ordered with M&M’s combined in, has actually 1,280 calories and 167 grams of sugar. If you desire to treat yourself, walk ahead. Simply know that if you end up the whole thing, you might feel nice nauseous — or endure these various other unexpected side effects of eat too countless sweets.