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These are appropriate for human being watching carbs who desire a irradiate breakfast with many flavor.

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Donuts, 230-490 Calories

When i think donuts, I tend to think 500 calories, so i was surprised to check out that nobody of the donuts below reaches the calorie level and that most are below 400 calories. This provides me desire to rationalize eating donuts! i mean, 230 calories and 22g carbohydrate for a sugared raised donut, which is among my favorite anyway? Sweet. That’s the donut below that’s the lowest in calories. The Cinnamon Guava Donut has 250, and also several varieties have 260 calories, consisting of the simple Glazed Donut.

Among an easy popular donuts, you’ll find the Old Fashioned Cake Donut at 290 calories and also the Powdered Donut in ~ 320. The greatest in calories, nudging close to that 500 note at 490, is the well-known Bismark that’s so difficult to resist when it mirrors up in a crate of donuts in the office. This no-hole donut, typically powdered with a fruit filling, has actually 490 calories and also 62g carbs, and if friend bother in search of protein in a donut, this one has actually 5g.

Egg & Cheese, 300-490 Calories

The Egg & Cheese is a basic breakfast item, just like it sounds, just egg and cheese inside, but the outside brings an ext variety and also determines the calorie count. We’ll start with the English muffin, the lowest-calorie choice. This sandwich is simply 300 calories, along with 32g carbs, 13g protein and also 7g fiber.

The other three choices are 470, 480 and 490 calories, respectively: ~ above a bagel, the sandwich has 67g carbs and 20g protein, the highest in every category. Top top a biscuit, you’ll obtain 37g carbs and also 14g protein, and on a croissant, the counts are 40g carbs and 15g protein.

Oatmeal, 310 Calories

Dunkin’ Donuts uses a liven 300-calorie oatmeal that starts v a whole-grain blend of rolled oats, barley and rye. That sweetened v sugar and brown sugar and also has raisins, sweetened cranberries and gold raisins. Together you might imagine v all the sugar and also fruit, carbs are up there at 66g, yet you’ll obtain a nice 5g fiber together with 5g protein. This is a good way to acquire up in the morning and get moving.

Bagel, 310-390 Calories

Bagels in ~ Dunkin’ Donuts range from 310 come 390 calories and have 61 come 69 carbohydrate each. Girlfriend can obtain a surprising amount of protein indigenous a bread product with the Whole-Wheat Bagel’s 13 grams and also the Multi-Grain Bagel’s 15g. Both have actually 320 calories, and they add 7g and also 8g fiber respectively. A level Bagel has actually 310 calories, 64g carbs and 11g protein.

Ham, Egg & Cheese, 320-570 Calories

Black woodland ham, egg and also melty American cheese integrate for the Ham, Egg & Cheese. Shot it on one English muffin because that 320 calories, 32g carbs, 17g protein and 7g fiber; top top a bagel because that 500 calories, 67g carbs, 24g protein and also 5g fiber; on a biscuit because that 510 calories, 38g carbs and also 19g protein; or top top a croissant because that 520 calories, 40g carbs and 20g protein.

Veggie Egg White Flatbread, 330 Calories

The Veggie Egg White Flatbread is a great choice amongst healthy breakfast food selection items. That starts through an egg-white omelette and adds diced red and green bell pepper, mushrooms, eco-friendly onions and white cheddar, every wrapped in one oven-toasted multi-grain flatbread. It has 330 calories and 18g protein through 33g carbs.

Croissant, 340 Calories

I’d be an ext likely to go for the intricacy of the Veggie Egg White Flatbread than the an easy croissant, yet the buttery flakiness of the light French delicacy is compelling and also just 10 calorie more. For 340 calories, you’ll acquire some protein (6g) and also 37g carbs.

Bacon, Egg & Cheese, 350-500 Calories

Get your bacon and also eggs in one easy-to-handle package through the Bacon, Egg & Cheese, special cherrywood acting bacon along with an egg and also melted American cheese. Shot it on one English muffin (350 calories, 16g protein, 7g fiber, 32g carbs), a bagel (520 calories, 23g protein, 5g fiber, 67g carbs), a biscuit (530 calories, 18g protein, 38g carbs) or a croissant (550 calories, 19g protein, 40g carbs).

Cheese Danish, 400-420 Calories

The Cheese Danish is a favourite of many civilization afflicted v a sweet tooth. Dunkin’ Donuts has three varieties. The consistent Cheese Danish, with a cream cheese filling, has 420 calories, 52g carbs and also 5g protein. Apple and also strawberry varieties feature fruit filling and also have comparable calories, carbs and protein. The Strawberry Cheese Danish and also Apple Cheese Danish have 400 calories and 5g protein, and they have actually 52g and 53g carbohydrate respectively.

Muffins, 410-590 Calories

If her morning pick-me-up yearn is top top the sweeter side, Dunkin’ Donuts has muffins ranging from 410 come 590 calories. A reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin has actually the lowest calories at 410 and has 7g protein and also 75g carbs. On the other end of the list, in ~ 590 calories, is the Coffee Cake Muffin, which has 7g protein and also 87g carbs.

If donuts, Danishes and also muffins aren’t her thing, the chain has other pastries to select from, such as fritters, crullers and cookies.

Turkey Sausage Flatbread, 480 Calories

Here’s a healthier an option that likewise tastes good. The Turkey Sausage Flatbread tucks turkey sausage, egg and also Wisconsin-aged white cheddar cheese into an oven-toasted, folded multigrain flatbread. It is a quite combo because that 480 calories, and it it is intended 26g protein and also 4g fiber. Carbohydrates space at 32g.

I’m impressed to see turkey sausage top top a fast-food menu; ns think it’s the very first time I’ve viewed it. The a means for sausage to it is in a lower-calorie option rather of usually being the highest-calorie meat available, and also turkey sausage is great enough that I’d bet some pork sausage lovers could not even notification the substitution.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich, 500-700 Calories

I choose pretty much any cured meat, consisting of the turkey sausage just discussed, and also with the range of breads readily available by Dunkin’ Donuts, calorie-conscious diners deserve to opt because that the higher-calorie meat and a lower-calorie bread to keep the calorie count down for the Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwich.

The range lowest in calories is held together by an English muffin and also has 500 calories, 21g protein and also 32g carbs. The remainder take a calorie jump: bagel (680 calories, 28g protein, 67g carbs), biscuit (680 calories, 23g protein, 38g carbs) and croissant (700 calories, 23g protein, 41g carbs). I favor the idea that the English muffin, not just due to the fact that of calorie but likewise because that thinner and would impart an ext sausage flavor.

Angus Steak, Egg & Cheese, 630 Calories

Now we’re obtaining to the breakfast items because that the heartier meat-lover appetites. The 630-calorie Angus Steak, Egg & Cheese features Angus steak and egg through American cheese on an oven-toasted bagel. You’ll acquire a big 34g protein, along with 5g fiber and 67g carbs, because that this hearty tribute to red meat.

Big N’ Toasted, 630 Calories

Also 630 calories is the huge N’ Toasted, a tall order that places two eggs, bacon and American cheese on two thick slices the Texas toast. Protein is in ~ 29g and carbs at 43g. This is a different breakfast item due to the fact that it’s not just on toast yet is on dramatically sized Texas toast.

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Variety and Choice

Although the surname is brilliantly evocative of coffee and donuts simultaneously and also lends itself fine to its trial and error the waters as just Dunkin’, Dunkin’ Donuts offers much an ext than coffee and also donuts. The chain’s link to baking lends chin to giving multiple options of breads for the Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast menu, which you nothing often uncover at a fast-food restaurant. This permits us to make more choices as soon as it involves taste, calories and also nutritional content.