Canton, Mass. (January 29,2007) Dunkin' Donuts today presented the newest enhancement to its line of fast, fresh and affordable breakfast sandwiches?the Maple Cheddar Sandwich. Easily accessible in restaurants nationwide for a minimal time only, the Maple Cheddar Sandwich is Dunkin' Donuts' recent menu innovation that appeals to an increasingly busy customer who loves breakfast on-the-go any kind of time of job or night. Need for breakfast throughout the day has become so high the in 2006, Dunkin' Donuts saw boost in sales of more than 10 percent because that breakfast sandwiches.The Maple Cheddar Sandwich combine a hearty scrambled egg with a sweet maple-flavored sausage patty and also is topped v a slice of melted white cheddar cheese. Served warmth on a freshly small croissant, the Maple Cheddar Sandwich is the perfect match to Dunkin' Donuts' original Blend and also Dunkin' Decaf® coffee.The addition to Dunkin' Donuts' all-day breakfast menu comes in ~ a time as soon as Americans are transforming their breakfast habits. Follow to one NPDFoodworld December survey, Americans space focusing more on convenient, quick and portable breakfasts instead of the "traditional" full-plate American breakfast as result of today?s hectic lifestyle."The Maple Cheddar Sandwich continues Dunkin' Donuts' well-known tradition of serving breakfast all day. Our research mirrors that not just do our client love ours fresh, on-the-go breakfast options, but they specifically love the truth that castle can gain these sandwiches approximately the clock?whenever castle crave a tasty, solve sandwich and when it is convenient for them," said Robert Rodriguez, Dunkin' Donuts brand president.Breakfast lover will have the ability to enjoy this sandwich v March 11. For much more information on the brand-new Maple Cheddar Sandwich and also other Dunkin? Donuts culinary creations, please visit Dunkin' Donuts founded in 1950, this particular day Dunkin' Donuts is the number one retailer the hot continuous coffee-by-the-cup in America, marketing 2.7 million cup a day, almost one billion cup a year. Dunkin? Donuts is likewise the biggest coffee and baked items chain in the world and sells an ext hot regular coffee, iced coffee, donuts, and also bagels than any type of other quick organization restaurant in America. Dunkin' Donuts has an ext than 7,200 restaurants in 30 nations worldwide.

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Based in Canton, Massachusetts, Dunkin? Donuts is a subsidiary that Dunkin' Brands, Inc. For much more information, visit Susanne NorwitzDunkin' Donuts(781) 737-3801Susanne.Norwitz


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