Just a couple of months after ~ the present went off the air, Jessica Marie Garcia (Willow) and also Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Parker) have actually reunited through Shak Ghacha (Dump Truck) and also Victoria Moroles (Andi), and also in the process, have us every the great feeling feels.

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The four stars top to the collection of Disjointed, which showrunner John D. Beck is a consulting producer on. He and also Ron Hart are likewise writing for the show, i beg your pardon premieres in respectable on Netflix.

“Last night the #livandmaddie crew met
SullivanNicole and also we’re still ,” Jessica shared through a pic.

Check it out below!

Disjointed ????????????????

Season 1 start streaming august 25th pic.twitter.com/WJ8QibpPFS

— Jessica Marie Garcia (
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The finish of Liv and Maddie has actually come and we’re quiet not ready to to speak goodbye just yet.

However, all of the actors have moved on indigenous the show, i beg your pardon is whereby JJJ comes in and tells you simply where you have the right to see lock next.

You can find out just what’s in save for Dove Cameron, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Joey Bragg, Jessica Marie Garcia and an ext stars of the show.

PHOTOS: examine out the recent pics that Liv and Maddie

You’ll find some top top the huge screen, part on the small screen and others will certainly be branching the end in various other amazing ways.

Click inside to watch where you can uncover the Liv and Maddie actors next…

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Shelby Wulfert looks gorgeous while posing beside boyfriend Lucas Adams in these fun photos indigenous a Renaissance Faire this weekend.

The Liv and Maddie stars to be joined by your co-stars Joey Bragg, Jessica Marie Garcia, Audrey Whitby, and also Shak Ghacha.

“The Pirates from fatality trap cove. Hath concerned the Renaissance satisfied fair,” Shak captioned one photo of the men in their amazing costumes.

Lucas captioned the one with Shelby, “My same Maiden #RenaissanceFaire #warriors #myLady #dressup #Thiswasthecoolestthing #AssassinsCreedHiddenBlade”

15+ pics within of the Liv and also Maddie actors at the Renaissance Faire… more Here! »

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The cast of Liv and also Maddie lifts Tenzing Norgay Trainor right into their arms because that a fun group shot during their visit to The Queen Mary’s CHILL at Queen mary Beach ~ above Tuesday night (December 8) in long Beach, Calif.

Joey Bragg, girlfriend Audrey Whitby, Jessica Marie Garcia, Emmy Buckner, Shelby Wulfert, Lucas Adams, Kurt Long, Shak Ghacha, Josh Swickard, and Carter Hastings every stepped the end for the meet and also greet event. The actors did the same thing critical year!

The cast checked the end the ice castle and also rode the ice slide. Tenzing was also spotted hanging through his younger brothers, Kalden and Yonden, top top the ice rink.

Check out 35+ pics inside of the Liv and also Maddie cast…

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Joey Bragg jokingly tries to give co-star Sean Giambrone a kiss on the red carpet at the premiere the Mark & Russell’s Wild Ride hosted at ArcLight Hollywood ~ above Wednesday night (November 18) in Los Angeles.

The 2 actors to be joined through co-star Tiera Skovbye, and Joey‘s girlfriend, Audrey Whitby and also Liv and Maddie co-stars Emmy Buckner, Shelby Wulfert, Jessica Marie Garcia, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Kali Rocha, and also Shak Ghacha.

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Brothers Raymond and also Ryan Ochoa, Best friends Whenever‘s Lauren Taylor, Landry Bender, Benjamin and also Matthew Royer, K.C. Undercover‘s Trinitee Stokes, Lizzy Greene, Debby Ryan, Chloe East, August Maturo, and also Disney XD stars Jake Short and also Bradley Steven Perry also hit up the premiere.

Mark & Russell’s Wild Ride premieres Monday, November 23
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