You would think the after his incendiary remarks around slavery a pair of months ago, Ben Carson would simply stay away from microphones altogether.

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come recap, Carson, president Trump"s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, corresponded slaves with immigrants, igniting a firestorm that backlash from critics confused over how someone so smart can say something for this reason stupid.

just as his boss is backing a invoice that would certainly strip far affordable wellness care, and pushing a spending plan that would certainly decimate programs because that poor and working-class families, Carson ceded a mind-boggling, simplistic assessment about what separates haves native the have-nots in America.

"I think poverty to a huge extent is also a state that mind," Carson said in an interview top top Sirius XM Radio that aired Wednesday. "You take someone that has the appropriate mindset, you can take everything from them and put them on the street, and also I guarantee in a little while they"ll be right earlier up there."

however Carson go not avoid there, because people that say ignorant points as often as they to wash their hands don"t quite know when to stop.

"You take it somebody v the dorn mindset, you can give them whatever in the human being — they"ll occupational their way right ago down to the bottom," Carson said.

"If everybody had actually a mother like mine, nobody would certainly be in poverty," Carson said. "She was a person who absolutely would certainly not accept the standing of victim."


“I think poverty, come a large extent, is likewise a state that mind,” claimed the renowned neurosurgeon turn urban-infrastructure czar. (Larry French/Getty photos for SiriusXM)

"Ben Carson states that poor is a "state of mind," tweeted Star Trek alum George Takei. "You understand what else is a state the mind? always being a blithering idiot."

"So 15 million American kids in poverty simply need better attitudes and also they"ll have food in your stomachs and roofs over your heads?" tweeted previous Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

The entirety blame-the-poor-for-being-poor thing could not be so negative if that weren"t coming from who in fee of an agency that serves such a big low-income population.

Christine Quinn, the former city council speaker, who now heads Win, an firm providing shelter and also support solutions to homeless women and also their children, states blaming the victim is a lot less complicated than actually helping the victim.

"It"s a convenient, intellectually lazy discussion that allows politicians reprimand the victim of structural inequality, instead of doing the hard work of help them," Quinn said. "It"s a case especially unworthy of the room of Housing and Urban Development, whose proclaimed mission is come "create strong, sustainable and also inclusive communities.""

Carson appears to think that cultivation up in poverty himself offers him the best to pass referee on on poor people and their small-minded mothers.

It"s sort of like just how Supreme Court righteousness Clarence thomas benefited from affirmative action, however railed against it from the bench.

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however Thomas did break ground this week to side v the court"s liberal minority on a ruling that outlawed racially gerrymandered districts in north Carolina.