Ronna McDaniel: Republicans set to outpace democrats in Florida voter registration. That’s simply the beginning.

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Like countless other Americans, I’m yes, really frustrated through the upcoming selection of either Donald trump card or Hillary Clinton for president.

Why? indigenous the start, they were surely no the finest candidates because that the job.

Also, this election has actually been exceptionally contemptuous in its an unfavorable tone and also the hostile demeanor the both candidates.

Each day bring a new round the stupid statements and actions through the candidates that make you, in ~ best, very skeptical around voting because that either one of them.

Bottom line: There’s to be a scary void of common sense, intelligence, and also vision from one of two people candidate of just how to solve America in this 2016 presidential election.

It’s just not me. Poll after poll shows that american are an extremely dissatisfied through both Trump and Clinton, with countless feeling the both are not standard to be President.

One analyst put it this way: “Among the many remarked-upon aspects of this presidential election is the reality the two significant party candidates, Hillary Clinton and also Donald Trump, space the two candidates v the highest possible unfavorable ratings since contemporary polling was invented. The traditional explanation for their dismal ratings is the they room both failure candidates.”

For me, this global feeling of deep skepticism was put best in a crude, sarcastic method in a recent episode of south Park once a Gallup pollster concerns the door that the personality Randy and asks “will you be voting for the huge Douche or the Turd Sandwich?”

I was expressing my angst to my wise, 87-year-old dad the other day after we talked around how stupid Hillary’s idiotic remark that “Half that Donald Trump’s Supporters are in ‘Basket of Deplorables” was and the absurdity of exactly how suddenly trump card believes the President Obama to be born in Hawaii.

I said “It’s choose they are having a competition who can say the many stupid comment to rile increase voters.”

“Yep, this race is just in between “Dumb and Dumber,” replied my dad.

In a 2014 post in Psychology Today licensed has been granted “Anti-Intellectualism and the “Dumbing Down” the America,” its author Ray Williams started the item by stating: “There is a growing and also disturbing tendency of anti-intellectual elitism in American culture. That the dismissal the science, the arts, and humanities and also their replacement by entertainment, self-righteousness, ignorance and deliberate gullibility.”

This presidential gyeongju is a true enjoy of the dumbing down trend in a country obsessed with fact TV and scurrilous internet behavior — the result being that if one of two people unqualified candidate wins, America loses.

This election, a lot of of human being I talk to are thinking about not going to the polls in November-and for the an initial time in mine life, I have thought about it too.

But ns going come the polls, no matter what.

My mother, who made it through the Holocaust and also immigrated to the U.S. After civilization War II, constantly told me farming up the going to vote, no matter the choice, is the most important thing I could do as an American citizen. It wasn’t a right, but an obligation.

“If you don’t prefer a candidate in a race, just skip that particular race, also if it means just going right into the voting booth, advertise no levers in any race, and also registering her vote no to vote together a protest,” she said me.

She was ideal (of course).

Although I have never not voted a presidential election, I may opt because that the very first time to cast that protest vote, no penciling in any type of bubbles in the presidential gyeongju this year.

I could shoot the voting empty — and also it will certainly count for something other than a vote for a presidential candidate.

It may be the only means of sending my blog post that I’m worn down of Dumb and also Dumber encompassing Washington and American politics and governance.

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Steven Kurlander is an attorney and communications strategist native Monticello, new York. A previous columnist because that the Sun-Sentinel in south Florida, that writes for Florida Politics and also publishes his blog Kurly’s Kommentary.