Precious Commentary From The Dukes Of Hazzard ,

I just recently relocated to Florida from Minnesota for my occupation, as well as I'& #x 27; m really miserable. My task is great, and also the climate right here is attractive, yet individuals are actually various from what I'& #x 27; m made use of to. To make a lengthy tale short, I'& #x 27; m having problem locating a Florida guy with great antique Midwestern worths. Should I return, or should I persist and also find out to readjust?

-- Baffled In Reefs Gables

Precious Confused,

Well, it certain is lookin' & #x 27; like a stunning day in Hazzard, the little community where any kind of old point can take place ... and also normally does. Today, however, Hazzard'& #x 27; s as peaceful as a pet cat in socks. The sunlight is out, the skies is blue, and also the Hazzard Ladies Accessory is lookin' & #x 27; prettier than ever before. Sissy'& #x 27; s hectic as any kind of beehive makin' & #x 27; her well-known huckleberry pie, Ol' & #x 27; Cooter done gone and also slept while workin' & #x 27; under Uncle Jesse'& #x 27; s vehicle once again, Constable Roscoe is handing out bogus vehicle parking tickets, as well as the Fight it out young boys, Bo as well as Luke, are makin' & #x 27; this month & #x 27; s ranch home mortgage repayment at the Financial institution of Hazzard. Yet, uh-oh ... what'& #x 27; s this below? Bring an evaluate yonder. It'& #x 27; s that low-down mean ol & #x 27; Employer Hogg placing somethin' & #x 27; in the General Lee, something that looks an effective great deal like financial institution bags. If I was them bad Battle each other young boys, I'& #x 27;d obtain a-ready for some glossy shuckin'& #x 27;.

Precious Narration From The Dukes Of Hazzard ,

I like him, yet my sweetheart is the most awful cabinet! He just has regarding 3 t shirts he'really uses, as well as they & #x 27; re all broken and also discolored. Currently, he & #x 27; s eligible a feasible promo at the workplace, and also I believe it & #x 27; s time to whip his closet right into form. I #x & wear 27; t anticipate him to come to be a style plate, yet I do believe having a specialist as well as cool look matters in the eyes of a company ... and also a sweetheart. Don'& #x 27; t you concur?

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-- Irritable In El Paso

Precious Exasperated,

Currently, mind you, blowin' & #x 27; up the Boar & #x 27; s Nest privy was the dirtiest point them Fight it out young boys ever before drew besides a rake, however doggone if it weren'& #x 27; t required. Certain, it made a bar packed with excellent ol' & #x 27; kids madder than a weasel in a gum-bush, and also quite near sweltered the skivvies straight off of inadequate ol' & #x 27; Replacement Wilbur Fudge, yet there'& #x 27; s greater than ordinary meanness to this right here offer. Actually, in all the commotion, I believe no person discovered Sissy switchin' & #x 27; the funny money bags on bad ol' & #x 27; Enos-- and also it & #x 27; s an uncommon day in Hazzard Region when a body put on'& #x 27; t notification the finest legs in Georgia. I think dynamite in the two-holer does obtain individuals' & #x 27; interest right fast. Ain'& #x 27; t them kids slick?

Beloved Commentary From The Dukes Of Hazzard ,

I'& #x 27; m what you & #x 27;d call a"neatnik. "I such as to have definitely whatever in its location. Issue is, the female I like (I'& #x 27; ll call her "Nicole") is the sort of individual that can'& #x 27; t be troubled to shelve publications, shelf CDs, or maintain documents arranged. As well as currently she desires us to relocate with each other! Exactly how can I obtain her to alter prior to she drives me nuts?

-- Organized In Orchard Park

Precious Organized,

Keep an eye out, Bo! That low-down snake-belly-mean Constable Roscoe done established him up among his authentic impervious obstacles throughout Possum Gulch! And also if them government children capture you with Employer Hogg'& #x 27; s false money in the General Lee, you can ignore havin' & #x 27; any one of Sissy & #x 27; s huckleberry pie for some time. As well as what'& #x 27; s this? Appears some ol' & #x 27; body left his ranch wagon up versus the gulch all tilted-like. Currently, can any type of y'& #x 27; all think what ol' & #x 27; Bo is thinkin & #x 27; appropriate regarding currently? Keep established, people, and also we'& #x 27; ll see if Luke takes care of to damage himself right into prison ... and also if Bo below ever before boils down.

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