Year: 2000Cast: John Schneider, Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach, James Best, Sonny Shroyer, stack Hurst Director: Bradford MayWriter: Gy WaldronThe Dukes that Hazzard – Hazzard in Hollywood, a brand-new television movie reuniting stars man Schneider, Tom Wopat, Catherine Bach and also other actors members native the action packed hit CBS comedy collection “The Dukes the Hazzard,” was broadcasted Friday, might 19 2000 at 8 p.m. On the CBS tv Network.

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This rollicking story chronicles the Dukes and also friends together they roll into Hollywood in an effort to raise rapid cash to construct a much needed hospital in their house town of Hazzard. As the action begins, the people of Hazzard County have actually for several years funded an yearly fund raising hoedown come raise funds for a Hazzard hospital. In ~ this year’s hoedown, the Hazzard citizens space propositioned by a crooked businessman, Ezra Bushmaster (Nicolas Coster), who difficulties them come raise $500,000 in ten days and he will add the staying $3 million they need for the hospital if castle succeed, listed they surname the hospital after ~ him.


Raising the money quickly seems to be an impossible task until shady music promoter B.B. Bascomb, (Jay Acovone) procedures in and also reminds the stunned denizens about the country music tapes they own featuring now well known singers from previous Hazzard hoe-downs. With spirits high on dreams of selling a lucrative music CD, the Dukes; Cooter, Cletus and Rosco roar turn off to Hollywood to raise part cash – fast. The Hazzard clan go not specifically get a warmth welcome in the floor of sunshine. The negative guys space instantly warm on your trail, and their tapes and also money are immediately stolen. However, in your adventure filled search to acquire their belongings back and raise money for the hospital, lock make inexplicable friends in i can not qualify places.

The Dukes of Hazzard – Hazzard in Hollywood was directed by Bradford may from a manuscript by Gy Waldron, who produced the original series, and also Bob Clark. Waldron and also Clark room the executive, management producers and Skip Ward in the producer, for Warner Bros. Television.

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Being born in "73 do me simply old enough to watch Dukes once it was an initial showed top top Dutch television in 1981. I never would have guessed the years later I would travel to the USA on various occasions and meet mine childhood heroes, see the original Hazzard County, build and also drive mine own general Lee, have actually the initial Dukes lead Mechanic together a guest in mine house and run this Dukes the Hazzard website. Dukes has constantly been, and will constantly be, a large part of my life. My surname is Alma van Hensen valve Uningen.