Dukes of Hazzard Star’s Studio & basic Lee auto Damaged by Hurricane Hurricane Ida newly left behind great devastation, consisting of damaging the studio & iconic basic Lee automobile of Dukes that Hazzard star, man Schneider.

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Hurricane Ida has actually left a huge wake that destruction, including heavy damage to a Dukes that Hazzard star"s studio and car. The 1969 evade Charger, recognized as the general Lee, is the prized possession of Bo and also Luke fight it out in The Dukes of Hazzard tv series. The orange racing icon is widely recognized for its unmatched speed and also aerial auto stunts that aid the Dukes evade the corrupt legislation enforcement officials prefer JD “Boss” Hogg.

John Schneider starred in the hit display as Bo Duke. When Tom Wompat, who played his cousin Luke, periodically helmed the general Lee, the was typically Schneider that discovered himself in the driver’s seat. The Dukes the Hazzard ran because that seven periods on air and also inspired an additional theatrical reboot in 2005 by the same name. The reboot, special Johnny Knoxville and Sean william Scott, renewed attention in the show but additionally brought hefty controversy. Opponents said that the rebel flag top top the hood and the car’s name were offensive due to its historical connection to racism in the US. Warner Bros. Took the complaints into consideration and also began come omit the flag from commodities containing The basic Lee in 2015.

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Social debate isn’t the only method the auto has been affected by time, together Schneider freshly revealed. TMZ reported the Hurricane Ida wreaked destruction on Schneider’s studio and The basic Lee. A collection of photos released on the site display the devastation resulted in to Schneider’s building in Louisiana. Unfortunately, general Lee didn"t fare for this reason well versus Ida and also it doesn"t look prefer Schneider is walking to have the ability to just buff the out.

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The photographs show the iconic vehicle crushed below a huge uprooted pine tree tree. The roof has fully collapsed due to the weight, and also it now sits wedged in ~ an angle against the ground. There additionally looks come be extensive structural damages to the buildings. Schneider owns and also operates an independent movie studio on the property. The actor additionally submitted a short video clip of himself on site discussing the devastation and urging civilization to support recovery initiatives by buying items from john Schneider Studios.

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Fortunately because that Schneider, the automobile shown no the only basic Lee that he owns. He actually has several cars the were offered for filming The Dukes that Hazzard. Many replicas were produced the series since lock were frequently totaled during stunts. The is approximated that over 300 vehicles were damaged while filming. Although the sadly appears Schneider’s personal car has met one untimely fate together well, hope he is maybe to fix the damages as easily as the constantly did come the Kent Farm during his time top top Smallville.