The nation's No. 1 team lost for the 2nd time in three weeks as fight it out fell to Stephen F. Austin, 85-83, in overtime at Cameron Indoor stadium in Durham, N.C. On Tuesday.

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The Lumberjacks stole a pass from battle each other in the final seconds the overtime, and redshirt an elderly Nathan Bain rushed to the tin for a buzzer-beating layup as time expired.

Stephen F. Austin pulled off the upset as a 27.5-point underdog entering Tuesday's matchup.

The Blue Devils organized a 45-40 halftime lead, then lost the overtime period 4-2. Four fight it out players finished the night in twin figures, led by 20 clues from Vernon Carey Jr..

Senior safety Kevon Harris led the Lumberjacks in scoring, finishing the night v 26 points on 11-19 shooting with four asgendergeek.orgsts and four steals.

Stephen F. Austin doused head coach Kyle Keller in the locker room complying with Tuesday's victory

Duke fell to 6–1 in 2019-20 v Tuesday's loss. The Blue Devils gone into Tuesday coming off a 81-73 win over Georgetown in the 2K empire Clasgendergeek.orgc.

Kentucky ceded the No. 1 point out in the AP poll on Nov. 18 through a 67-64 loss to Evansville. 

Louisville gotten in this week at No. 2 in the AP Poll. The Cardinals are 6–0 front of a matchup through Western Kentucky top top Nov. 29


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