Stephen F. Austin stuns No. 1 battle each other with OT buzzer-beater (1:08)Stephen F. Austin"s Nathan Bain comes away v the loosened ball and also dribbles the length of the court come score the game-winning layup together time expires. (1:08)


Stephen F. Austin to win No. 1 battle each other 85-83 on a layup in ~ the buzzer by Nathan Bain in overtime Tuesday, handing the Blue Devils their very first nonconference loss in ~ home since 2000.

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Gavin Kensmil choose up a loosened ball in the last seconds the overtime and also passed it to Bain at the Lumberjacks" foul line. Bain dribbled the length of the court to finish a layup previous the outstretched hand of Duke"s Jack White.

"I observed my teammate take it, and I looked up at the clock. Us had around 2.6 seconds," Bain claimed after the game. "I to be like, "I have to acquire on mine horse." ns went as quick as I have the right to to try to lay the up. It"s prefer a layup drill. I could feel the dude on mine back, and also I simply prayed the walk in."

The Blue Devils to be favored by 27.5 points at the Westgate las Vegas SuperBook, surpassing Gardner-Webb"s 26-point underdog win over Kentucky in 2007 together the largest upset in a department I men"s basketball game over the past 15 seasons.

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Stephen F. Austin overcame a 15-point deficit to take it the lead in the second half and compelled overtime ~ above a Kensmil layup with 19 secs remaining. Duke"s Cassius Stanley to let go a contested midrange jumper at the buzzer.

Overtime contained just 3 made baskets. After ~ Stephen F. Austin"s Cameron Johnson failure to complete at the rim, battle each other had an possibility for the last shot through the video game tied at 83. Tre Jones to let go a midrange jumper, yet Wendell Moore ordered the attack rebound and kicked it back out come Jones. Jones penetrated and also tried to happen it come Matthew Hurt, yet Hurt couldn"t grab that cleanly and also the Lumberjacks jumped ~ above the loosened ball. Kensmil come out that the pile through the ball and passed it come Bain.

Stephen F. Austin had actually a timeout remaining, however Bain journey 75 feet for the winner instead.

Bain"s buzzer-beater came much less than 3 months after ~ Hurricane Dorian destroyed his family"s home and severely damaged his father"s church in his aboriginal Bahamas. As of noon ET Wednesday, much more than 1,300 people have donated to a GoFundMe for Bain"s family organized in September through Stephen F. Austin, and also the fundraiser has topped $47,000 in donations.

It"s a huge spike native the around $2,000 that had actually been raised before Tuesday night"s game.

"My family lost a totality lot this year, and I"m just playing this game for them," Bain claimed in a tv interview after ~ the game. "Just play for my SFA family, mine family back home in the Bahamas. I just want to do my country proud, and also my entirety team is behind me. ... When every little thing happened previously in the year, they had actually my back, and also I just wanted come return the favor."

The loss snapped the Blue Devils" 150-game nonconference house winning streak, the longest energetic streak in division I. It to be their an initial nonconference loss at home since they fell to St. John"s ~ above Feb. 26, 2000.

"It"s a very daunting loss. It"s additionally a loss that if we would have actually won, we would not have actually been deserving that winning," battle each other coach Mike Krzyzewski said. "That"s the method I look in ~ it, for this reason it"s on me, but you have actually to give credit to them. Castle were really good, he"s a good coach and a good program, and also they outplayed us."

Stephen F. Austin entered Tuesday"s game at Cameron Indoor stadion at 4-1, coming turn off a 12-point loss at Rutgers. The Lumberjacks walk 14-16 critical season.

Largest Upsets By division I Team Over past 15 Seasons

2019Stephen F. Austin+27.5at No. 1 Duke
2007Gardner-Webb+26at No. 20 Kentucky
2015Western Illinois+25.5at No. 17 Wisconsin
2019Evansville+25at No. 1 Kentucky
2017Wofford+25at No. 5 phibìc Carolina
-- Stats & Information

"We"ve been battling the flu," Stephen F. Austin coach Kyle Keller said. "We"ve actually exercised pretty destructive this week. Ns told my mam today, ns said, ns hope we proceed to fight. Just next guy up, favor they talk about in the NFL."

The Lumberjacks were led by Kevon Harris" 26 points, Kensmil"s 15 and Bain"s 11. Stephen F. Austin made simply two 3-pointers every game, scoring 64 clues in the repaint -- the most fight it out has enabled in a video game in the past 10 seasons, follow to Stats & Information.

Freshman facility Vernon Carey Jr. Led duke with 20 points and 11 rebounds, however he walk 4-for-11 from the totally free throw line. Together a team, the Blue Devils let go 16 totally free throws, their most in a house game since 2008.

"They were better. Bottom line," Krzyzewski said. "They to be tougher 보다 we were. They played with an excellent poise. And we assisted them. Girlfriend can"t provide up 64 clues in the paint. Us don"t also give up 64 points. And also we offered up so plenty of layups.

"You go 11-of-24 from the foul heat in the second half, it"s simply a cooking recipes to lose. So us weren"t deserving of winning. The team was deserving that winning, and they won."

With No. 1 Duke and also No. 3 Michigan State both shedding this week, college basketball is most likely to check out a brand-new No. 1 team next week. Louisville to be No. 2 in this week"s associated Press poll, and the Cardinals play west Kentucky ~ above Friday.

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This is the very first time that an ext than one No. 1 team has actually lost in November. Duke"s loss was the 3rd top-ranked defeat already this season, following Michigan State"s loss come Kentucky and also the Wildcats" loss at house to Evansville.