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Murders A-Z is a arsenal of true crime stories that take it an in-depth look in ~ both little-known and also infamous murders throughout history.

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It to be the beforehand morning hrs on April 3, 2011 in Durham, north Carolina, when Carlos Wilson Sr."s uncle, Reginald "Reggie" Daye, concerned his house in distress. The 46-year-old had been stabbed and was bleeding profusely.

"I tried to save him as mindful as i could, friend know, i talked come him, shot to patience him down," Carlos told “Snapped,” which airs top top

He called 911, and also an ambulance arrived for Daye. When Daye was taken to the hospital, anyone wondered, "Would the survive? and also who committed together a heinous act?"

Daye to be a nation boy who thrived up in the area. The made a living painting houses and was looking for someone to settle down with. In 2011, the met 32-year-old decision Mangum. Mangum had recently went back to Durham ~ a insignificant in the Navy and was raising three kids from 2 previous relationships, all while do the efforts to end up up she masters degree. To save money, Mangum had actually moved in v her aunt, who had actually hired Daye to execute some handyman work around the house.

The 2 hit that off, and Daye ultimately opened his own house up to Mangum. She at first moved in with Daye as a way to separation the bills, but soon a relationship blossomed. 

"Reggie Daye fell an extremely hard, quickly, for decision Mangum," WRAL-TV reporter Amanda Lamb said "Snapped."

It seemed like Mangum was ultimately settling right into a house of she own, and Daye had found a woman through whom to share his life. But, your idyllic family members image to be shattered when Daye confirmed up stabbed in ~ his nephew"s house.

Following the attack, police investigated the Daye and Mangum home.

"I’m like, "The Tasmanian evil one just went with here." The TV, the tables, the furniture, the decision glasses, shoot glasses, everything in the life room to be destroyed," mental Carlos. 

Durham Police Crime step Specialist Al Brown said "Snapped" the there to be blood in the hall and also on the couch, and also the restroom door had actually been violently gotten rid of from that is hinges. The scene was in such violent disarray that detectives wonder if there to be a second victim associated in the attack.

Mangum"s girlfriend Jacqueline Wagstaff said, "They came in the apartment and saw that apartment in disarray prefer that and to see hair over here and also doors kicked in, that should’ve been a clue right then that there had actually been part harm come to somebody various other than Reggie."

But, Carlos conveniently told police the shortly before the ambulance arrived, Daye had actually disclosed that just he and Mangum had been associated in the altercation. 

Carlos said "Snapped," "He said that the was crystal that stabbed him."

And once Carlos offers authorities Crystal"s full name, they automatically recognized her as the decision Mangum who made headlines in 2006. Prior to meeting Dayle, Mangum had worked as one exotic dancer for personal parties to save up through her tuition payments and provide for her children. On in march 13, 2006, Mangum was booked come entertain the battle each other University lacrosse team.

Mangum claimed the at the off-campus party, she was sexually assaulted by three members that the team. The case made national headlines and put a dark cloud end the school. The accusations polarized Durham, touching upon race and privilege at duke University. In spite of Mangum pointing the finger at 3 boys, DNA evidence came earlier in their favor. The attorney General made decision that the accused to be innocent, and in the aftermath, she to be shunned.

"After 2006, she to be pretty much a pariah, or a persona no grata, in this community," claimed Lamb.

As Daye clung to life, authorities searched for Mangum, who had actually left the house following the attack. Coincidentally, police received a 911 contact from she son, who declared Mangum had stabbed someone the end of self-defense. Police located Mangum in ~ a neighbor"s apartment and found her lying top top the floor "distraught and upset." She had actually a small cut on her hand and also a bruised lip.

"The injuries that ns observed top top Ms. Mangum, in mine opinion, would show up that she had actually been top top the receiving finish of an assault," claimed officer Brown.

Mangum, however, refused to open up up about what occurred at the apartment, and also she was treated and arrested for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting major injury.

Out the surgery, Daye was then maybe to give a statement to police. He explained that the job of the attack, Mangum was reportedly flirting v a man, and they obtained into a boil argument. The admitted to hitting her and kicking down the restroom door once she tried come hide. Daye declared he then tried come de-escalate the fight, and when turn his back, Mangum obtained knives indigenous the kitchen and stabbed him.

Though Daye seemed to it is in on the roadway to recovery, he ended up dice 10 days after the attack, and Mangum was then confronted with a first-degree killing charge, follow to ESPN. She admitted that near the end of the fight, Daye had relented, yet she claimed he was the one who ordered the knives, no her. She additionally claimed that tried come choke her, and that"s once she stabbed him and ran the end of the apartment.

"It’s complex because they have actually this chaotic scene, and they have actually only two civilization there, no witnesses, so they have to take both of their story and shot to number out what happened," stated Lamb.

In court, prosecutors tried to portray Mangum together a mrs on the edge that "was going to snap at any kind of time." Though referee barred the ahead lacrosse accusations from being brought up in trial, one ex from Mangum"s past testified the she endangered him v a knife and set his thing on fire.

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This verified to the jury that Mangum had a sample of psychic behavior. ~ above November 22, 2013, Mangum was discovered guilty the second-degree murder, as WRAL reported. She was sentenced to a minimum the 14 years in prison, report the NY everyday News.