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Born:February 13, 1947 (age 74)ChicagoIllinois...(Show more)Awards and also Honors:Basketball room of fame (2001)...(Show more)

Mike Krzyzewski, byname of Michael william Krzyzewski, likewise called Coach K, (born February 13, 1947, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.), American college basketball coach who amassed the many coaching victories in nationwide Collegiate strong Association (NCAA) department I men’s basketball history while leading the duke University Blue Devils to five national championships (1991, 1992, 2001, 2010, and also 2015) and also 12 final Four (championship semifinals) berths.

As a high-school basketball player, Krzyzewski led Chicago’s Catholic league in scoring for two years. He played collegiately at the unified States army Academy (Army) under legend coach Bob Knight. He coached organization teams and the U.S. Armed forces Academy Prep school for 5 years, then to be Knight’s assistant at Indiana university for one season before military hired Krzyzewski in 1975.


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He to be a surprising selection in 1980 come coach Duke—on Knight’s advice—and his job there started shakily through no recruits in 1981 and a merged record the 21–34 the next two seasons. However Krzyzewski’s fourth battle each other team, in 1983–84, go 24–10 and also began a streak the 11 consecutive periods with at the very least 20 victories and also NCAA tournament berths. That led the Blue Devils to 5 consecutive final Fours between 1988 and also 1992, the 2nd longest together streak in NCAA history. Included in that run were the school’s first two national championships, coming in 1991 and also 1992. The 2nd championship-winning team went 34–2 and was the top-ranked team in the nation for the whole season.

The Blue Devils got to the nationwide championship game again during the 1993–94 season however lost to the university of Arkansas. Battle each other went 13–18 the complying with season as Krzyzewski missed 19 games due to back surgery, and also the Blue Devils failure to take part in march Madness for the an initial time due to the fact that 1982–83. Krzyzewski guided battle each other to increasingly far better tournament finishes over the next four years, ending in another national championship video game berth in 1998–99, whereby the Blue Devils were beat by the university of Connecticut. Battle each other returned come the last in 2000–01, beating the university of Arizona to victory its third title. In 2005 Krzyzewski winner his document 66th career NCAA competition game. He ended up being the 4th NCAA department I coach come garner 800 job victories in 2008, and also two years later he directed battle each other to the school’s fourth national championship. In 2011 he won his 903rd career video game to happen Knight as the winningest coach in division I history. In 2014–15 battle each other went 35–4 and also captured a fifth national location under Krzyzewski. In June 2021 that announced the he would retire at the end of the 2021–22 university basketball season.

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In addition to his collegiate coaching success, Krzyzewski led the U.S. Men’s nationwide team to gold medals in ~ the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympic Games and also at the 2010 and also 2014 people championships (known together the people Cup for the 2014 iteration). He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball room of reputation in 2001.