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Bonnier to publish Lownie"s "intimate portrait" that the Duke and also Duchess that WindsorPublished April 8, 2021 through Tamsin HackettShare

Bonnier publications UK has obtained a "timely and also explosive" new book native Andrew Lownie, which will certainly uncover revelations and history of the royal household through...

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Bonnier books UK has gained a "timely and explosive" brand-new book indigenous Andrew Lownie, which will uncover revelations and background of the royal household through the lens the The Duke and also Duchess of Windsor.

Matt Phillips, publisher at Blink and also John Blake, obtained UK republic rights, not included Canada,for Traitor King: The Duke and Duchess of Windsor In Exile from bill Hamilton at A M Heath.

In Traitor King, Lownie will study the years following the abdication that Edward VIII once the former king was maintained in exile, feuding through his family over standing for his wife, Wallis Simpson, and also denied any kind of real job. The writer will draw on extensive research of unused archives and also freedom of details requests, and make the situation that the Duke and also Duchess that Windsor were no the naïve dupes that the Germans but proactively intrigued versus Britain in both war and also peace, claims the publisher.

Ultimately, the bookwill expose the true story behind the German do the efforts to recruit the duke as a brother Pétain; the efforts, by Churchill in particular, come cover this up; the factors why the duke, as branch of the Bahamas, tried to shut down the investigation into the murder of a nearby friend;and shines light on the relationship in between the duke and Wallis, revealing it come be far from the love story the is frequently assumed come be.

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Phillips said: "Andrew Lownie’s book is an intimate portrait the this powerful pair at odds with the monarchy – it’s a story of love, treachery, murder, cover-ups, vanity, sex and also infidelity. The recent explosive revelations bordering Prince Harry, battle each other of Sussex, and also Meghan Markle have plenty of uncanny parallels v the Windsors’ story from almost a century ago. It’s the perfect moment to be re-exploring this particular part of our national background as the throws more understanding top top the themes of freedom and duty, love and family."

Lownie said: "Few books tell the story the what taken place to the Duke and also Duchess the Windsor, after lock supposedly walked into the sunset, also though Edward had one more 36 year to live and also his mam 50. It is a video game of two halves and also often assumed the all the drama was in the first. Traitor King focuses on the years complying with the abdication, which space arguably the an ext dramatic."

Lownie previously published The Mountbattens with Bonnier publications UK in 2019. It to be a Waterstones book of the Year.