From 2000 come 2006, Malcolm in the Middle conquered the television people with the hilarious actors and solid family values. The present stars Frankie Muniz together the titular Malcolm, one intelligent young navigating life with his chaotic working-class family: dad Hal (Brian Cranston), mother Lois (Jane Kaczmarek), and brothers Francis (Christopher Masterson), Reese (Justin Berfield), and Dewey (Erik every Sullivan). When on air, Malcolm in the Middle won 46 awards and also was nominated because that 116 overall, for this reason suffice come say it to be a big deal the a show. It"s been 15 years since the last episode, and while most of the actors has unable to do on come play miscellaneous roles in effective television shows and movies — hello Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad — fans might be wondering what the actor that plays tiny brother Dewey is as much as now.

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Erik every Sullivan to be a sought-after child actor transparent the collection run. Due to the fact that he"s currently an adult, where is he and also is the still acting? Let"s discover out what occurred to Dewey native Malcolm in the Middle.

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During and also after Erik per Sullivan"s time together Dewey ~ above Malcolm in the Middle, he ongoing to act. The exact same year Malcolm in the Middle kicked off, he play the role of Miles, the child of the main character in the horror-thriller Wendigo. This duty was quite various from Sullivan"s happy-go-lucky personality on Malcolm. In 2001, he played small Joe dust in Joe Dirt, a movie starring David Spade the tells the story that Joe Dirt"s upbringing and how he finds his organic parents after ~ they abandon him in ~ the grand Canyon. Sullivan likewise had a semi-major duty as Charlie Sumner in Unfaithful, certification Richard Gere (Pretty Woman) and also Diane lane (Zack Snyder"s righteousness League). Roadway stars together Connie, a look at happy wife that meets a stranger and becomes obsessed through him.

In 2004, Sullivan had a role in holiday favorite Christmas with the Kranks, certification Tim Allen (Home Improvement), Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween), Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters), and M. Emmet Walsh (Critters). Sullivan plays a pesky community kid named Spike Frohmeyer, additionally the kid of the ward ceo of the neighborhood, Vic Frohmeyer (Aykroyd).

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In 2003, Erik per Sullivan landed a voice duty in Pixar"s Finding Nemo, a movie about a little clownfish called Nemo who has a bum fin and an overprotective father, Marlin (Albert Brooks). As soon as Nemo is caught by a diver, Marlin walk on one adventure to obtain him back. Sullivan dram Sheldon, a cute tiny seahorse son in Nemo"s class. Sheldon appears in a couple of scenes, but the most memorable is probably the one wherein the character calls a watercraft a "butt." If there"s any scene in the film where fans would be most most likely to recognize Sullivan"s voice, it"s most likely that one.

Sullivan"s voice role in Finding Nemo is tiny but enabled him to obtain a various kind of endure as a voice actor. He likewise lent his voice come the 2003 Finding Nemo video game, once again taking on the function of young Sheldon.

Post-Malcolm in the Middle, Erik every Sullivan would go on to play various roles such together The small Boy in the short Once Not much From Home about two children who discover an old home that holds tricks to your future. The brief received optimistic reviews by showing that true love deserve to last forever. He additionally played the titular role in 2006"s Mo, a comedy-drama about a boy called Mo who has a hereditary mutation called Marfan syndrome. Mo must pertained to terms with his differences with his parent"s support.

Since then, Sullivan has actually only appeared in one other project, a 2010 film referred to as Twelve about drugs, a wealthy group of young kids, and murder. Sullivan theatre the small function of Timmy. Due to the fact that then, the looks favor he"s retirement from acting and begun to move in a various direction (per Legit).

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As because that Sullivan"s an individual life, it looks choose there is one Instagram account that he might personally article on, but it"s unclear. Beyond that, there is tiny known about what he"s been up to due to the fact that his acclaimed role as Dewey in Malcolm, which shooting him to stardom for his breakout performance.