"We haven't in reality been over there in a while, probably, like, a pair years," the previous "Counting On" star common in a brand-new video.

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Jill (Duggar) Dillard is quiet distancing from the remainder of the Duggar family.

In a brand-new Q&A video she filmed alongside husband Derick Dillard, the previous "Counting On" star, 29, revealed that she hasn"t been to her parents Jim Bob and also Michelle Duggar"s Arkansas house in "a pair years."

In the video, which was shared to your YouTube channel earlier this week, the pair were request in a keep in mind from a fan if they ever before visit she parents" home, i m sorry the household calls "the big house."

"Not much. Us haven"t in reality been end there in a while, probably, like, a pair years, other than once ... Like, to examine the mail," responds Jill Dillard, that quit the Duggar family"s reality present "Counting On" in 2017.

She additionally mentions there were "restrictions" in place but didn"t elaborate on what those limitations were.

The former reality star walk on come say that the coronavirus pandemic has actually made it vital for her and also her husband to see fewer friends and also family members. "In this season of life, we have to prioritize our psychological (and) emotionally health and also all that," she explains.

"Our threshold — we prefer to speak to it — is just a little bit lower in this season that life because that us," she continues. We have actually a lot walking on in ours life — "

"There"s a lot of triggers there," Derick Dillard, 32, quiet interjects.

"Plus COVID just makes that a lot more tough right currently with do the efforts to save our one smaller and everything," his wife continues, adding, "We"d favor for it to not remain that method but that"s where we are ideal now."

Jill Dillard and her husband bound the knot in 2014 ~ a chaperoned courtship. Castle share two sons, Israel, 5, and also Samuel, 3.

The couple"s comment come less than six months after they revealed they had been "distancing" indigenous the rest of the Duggar clan.

“There’s been part distancing there. We’re not on the best terms with several of my family,” Jill Dillard mutual in a YouTube video.

“We’ve had some disagreements and stuff, yet we’re working towards healing definitely and also restoration, yet we’re having to kind of just take some time and also heal and just act what’s ideal for our family right now and also just working with it, ns guess," she continued.

The mommy of two didn’t elaborate on what brought about the household friction, but included that they were praying and putting your trust in God.

In the weeks before revealing the truth around the friction in her family, Jill Dillard"s behavior was do headlines.

In September, she post a picture in i beg your pardon she confirmed she drink alcohol on society occasions, i beg your pardon is in ~ odds with her family"s conservative Christian values. She has additionally revealed she and also her husband use nonhormonal birth control and she mutual that she was in therapy.

Weeks after the couple revealed they were putting space between themselves and also the rest of the Duggar clan, Jill Dillard opened up to People around how the decision had complex her relationships with her family members.

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"I never expected this to happen or because that it to acquire to this point," she said. "But I"m realizing i can"t placed a timeline ~ above healing. Ns love mine family and also they love me. I really just have to follow God"s lead and also take it at some point at a time."

Jill thrived up as among 19 children of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, one upbringing chronicled top top the renowned TLC series, "19 Kids and also Counting." The collection was cancelled in 2015 after sexual abuse allegations against oldest child Josh Duggar involved light.

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