Seth Phillips, known from the Instagram account Dude through Sign, protests common, everyday, relatable ... <+> issues.

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Dude with Sign, Seth Phillips

In October 2019, Seth Phillips and Jerry Media founder Elliot Tebele, took to the streets of new York City’s SoHo ar to hold a cardboard sign with a an easy protest, “Stop replying-all come company-wide emails.”


The photograph was originally just for Tebele’s Instagram account, yet after share the second protest saying, “Seinfeld is way much better than Friends” in prior of a “Friends” billboard, an digital following began brewing and also Phillips and also Tebele establish they essential to develop an account especially for this protests.

Thus, the
dudewithsign Instagram account to be created. Within four months, the account prospered to reach much more than 4 million followers.

The initial on-the-street reactions to his protests started simple with a couple of giggles here and also there, yet as the follower counting grew, together did his real-life popularity.

“The edge usually filling up with human being within minutes, and also everyone has actually their phones out,” Phillips told me via email. “When I"m finished, a many of civilization will ask to take photos with me or videos, which is still something to acquire used to. It"s a really strange feeling, however it likewise kind of crack me up that human being are seeing me as a well known person because that holding upcardboard signs.”

Phillips is a content creator because that the board video game What do You Meme and also Instagram picture account

“So we work-related in a pretty funny and an imaginative space so when the account kicked off, much more ideas come in native the team,” Phillips told me. “When creating the protests, we shot to come up with something funny the is relatable that world don"t specifically talk about. We shot to have actually each of these facets while appealing to every form of person, which is a large part that why i think the account has accumulated as plenty of followers together it has.”

Before moving to brand-new York City to occupational for What execute You Meme, 24-year-old Phillips traveled throughout Australia following graduating from Midwestern State college in Wichita Falls, Texas with a degree in marketing. Despite being native Hawley, Texas, a tiny town of 650 human being where most of his household still lives, Phillips is enjoying the big Apple.

“I fell in love through the company, and also with brand-new York, so ns made the move,” Phillips said me. “New York was a little bit of a shock, however it"s such a trip and I"m having actually the best time.”

dudewithsign brand has actually grown past the 4 million followers into a web page with sponsorships, choose Old Spice. In January, Phillips and also several that his cardboard signs showed up on The Ellen display to help Ellen DeGeneres with her opened monologue.

(L-R) Elliot Tebele, Seth Phillips, the "Dude with Sign" and also Andrew Taggart together JAJA Tequila presents ... <+> The "Party for No Reason" top top January 24, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

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Getty photos for JAJA Tequila

When inquiry what his future and that that the account holds, Phillips told me, “I’m tho trying to number out. Maybe proceed making funny accounts? There are interesting avenues that i would have never imagined comes my method with this all the time. Right now I’m type of just riding the wave, dipping my toes in different things. Ellen, because that example, to be something cool that acquired me really interested in exactly how television works. I’m simply learning, doing mine best, and meeting great people and also I’m confident something awesome will come mine way.”


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