Starting Monday, April 5, points are acquiring hot because that Duck Dynasty breakout stars Korie and also Willie Robertson. That’s as soon as their brand-new series, At residence With the Robertsons, i beg your pardon promises honest conversations about cultural issues splitting America, premieres on on facebook Watch.

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Expect your signature candid humor, and great guest stars — including Bachelorette Hannah Brown, ex-NFL player Tim Tebow, Love & i know good Hop‘s Yandy Smith-Harris, and family members such as Uncle Si and also daughter Sadie — who will visit your Louisiana home to talk about such topics together race, religion, and much more. And also don’t worry, the end adventures are part of the package, together conversations likewise take place throughout duck calling, mud-digging and more!

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TV Insider spoke v Korie and also Willie before the show’s premiere around cancel culture, baring the all, and also much more. (Plus, be certain to watch the trailer, above!)

What influenced the idea because that At house With the Robertsons?

Korie Robertson: The human being looks for this reason divided. Friend can easily unfollow who on social media or make a discuss somebody’s post, however a most the time we don’t simply sit down and also talk. Because that our family, sitting about the dinner table and also having those conversations is a huge part of our lives, so we thought, “Hey, why don’t we just do the with other people and also laugh a lot follow me the way?” We could be talking around something hard, but in the meantime we’re going mud-digging or crawfishing or skeet shooting, doing a small Louisiana in there as well.

Willie Robertson: us love to offer a tiny of that southern charm.


How did girlfriend go about choosing her guests and also topics?

Willie: the was tough since of COVID. We had actually a lot of people who want to be component of the show, but since of the take trip restrictions, it to be difficult.

Korie: and we’re in a people where if you speak the not correct thing, you can acquire “cancelled.” So ns think every one of our guests were yes, really brave to just say yes to coming to carry out something prefer this. We’re pointing out some hard things for this reason I thought that was really cool. Hopefully we get to do much more of these and see how that evolves.

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Willie: few of the problems came the end of our own family. As soon as we talk around raising Black kids in America, we have actually a boy that’s biracial. Once we talk around Asian racism in America, we have actually our daughter Rebecca with us. We discuss these topics all the moment anyway because it’s simply the nature of ours family.