Get an inside look in ~ A&E’s Hit present Duck dynasty at our self-guided museum in West Monroe, Louisiana.

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The Robertson family welcomes you to Duck Commander’s newest attraction, Duck command The Tour. If here, you will do it learn around the Robertson story in a self-guided tour of 10,000 square feet of galleries special Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty memorabilia.

“We wanted to produce a family-oriented exhibition, perfect because that all eras that would certainly engage and also entertain families and also duck hunters alike.” — Willie Robertson, CEO the Duck Commander

The must-see exhibit will walk you with 15 galleries featuring family artifacts and pictures, collection recreations and costumes native the hit television display Duck Dynasty, and will take you on a sensorial experience on a duck hunt with the Duckmen of Louisiana.


The Duck Pond special our 4 Mallard and 2 Peking ducks is stationed by our loading dock in the former of the building. Take it a photograph in front of our renowned Duck Commander sign or in front our freshly painted mural.


In a recreated set of the well known Duck speak to Room, Jase take away you step by action on just how to construct your very own duck speak to - i beg your pardon is yours to keep.

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At Duck command the Tour, you’ll learn about Phil’s humble starts in the log in Cabin origins room (sponsored by Durango Boots).


Did you understand that Phil play alongside terrycloth Bradshaw at LA Tech? He made decision to stop his well known football job to spend an ext time in the woods and also to do duck calls.


In the Duck Commander origins room, you will do it learn exactly how Duck Commander began from a basic statement in the blind and also a dream to do a much better duck call.

When Phil started Duck Commander, all he had actually was a dream to do duck calls. A few of his an initial pieces of tools are on screen at Duck command the Tour.