There are essentially two points you have the right to associate through the Duck Dynasty men: duck calls and their long beards. So we were shocked to view Jase Robertson reveal a clean-shaven confront over labor Day weekend.

Thankfully, his impressive facial locks didn"t go to waste. On June 18, the A&E star partnered with Mia Moo Fund, the structure his daughter Mia started, which raises awareness about cleft lips and palates. If they raised $100,000, Jase promised he would shave his face, One nation reported.

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The cut was completely inspired by Mia, who has actually undergone 4 surgeries because birth. Fans got a firsthand look at the Duck empire clan"s reaction come his fuzz-free chin through a facebook live video—which is absolutely hilarious come watch.

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Jase and his mam Missy have actually opened up around their daughter"s cleft lip and palate in the past. "We had actually two perfectly healthy and balanced boys before we had actually Mia, so that was an overwhelming when she come along," Missy called Us Weekly. "I thought, "Oh, I finally have mine girl" — but I wasn"t able to completely enjoy that process."

"Here ns am, worried around what she"s going to look like, while the medical professionals aren"t even sure she have the right to breathe on she own," Jase continued. "From that moment on, I stopped being for this reason superficial. It"s been a life-changing endure for me and also Missy due to the fact that of just how shallow we used to think."

Despite fans" worry over the loss of his epos beard, Jase"s mam doesn"t seem as well upset through his clean face.

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