Earn a Duct tape Scholarship by acquiring Stuck in ~ Prom in your creative duct tape outfit for you and also your prom date. Or reap some Halloween fun and also enter in the strange Halloween Duct ice cream Contest.

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The Duct ice cream Scholarship is just one of the strange scholarships for college, available by Duck ice brand duct tape. Usage duct ice cream to create prom outfits and also accessories and also enter a picture to the online contest to win your duck ice scholarship!


Duct ice cream Scholarship Winners

Application Deadline - open around March come May annually (exact days vary). Judges will short article 10 finalists for digital voting.Award Amount - $10,000 very first place each, and also other prizes additionally available.


Duct ice Scholarship Winners

To go into the Duct tape Scholarship, you and your partner need to be legitimate residents and at the very least 14 year old. Either opposite sex or same sex partners might participate.You must attend a high institution prom and have your photograph taken before, throughout or after ~ the prom in your attire made making use of duct tape.Costumes must be original and will it is in judged based upon workmanship, originality, use of color, use of accessories, and also use of duct tape.Photos the the 10 finalist couples will certainly be posted digital for virtual voting.For more information around the Duct tape Scholarship contest see, duckbrand.com/stuck-at-prom.com

Halloween Duct Tape challenge

Stick or law Jack O Lantern Duct ice cream Contest

Join in the funny at Halloween and win some money because that college. Usage duct tape come decorate a pumpkin, either real or fake, and enter a photo to the online contest. Her Halloween duct ice cream pumpkin style must it is in original and also unique. Need to be a legit resident and also at least 14 years or older. Why not revolve some Halloween fun right into a opportunity to win among these weird scholarships.Application Deadline
- mid September through October 31Award Amount - $1000 an initial place, and added prizes.Official Website Halloween Duct ice Contest - duckbrand.com

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