In a final message on their Sussex imperial account, the Duke and also Duchess of Sussex wrote, "While you might not see us here, the work continues."


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle mark last day as senior royals, start new lives in US

March 31, 202002:27
Prince Harry and also Meghan, Duchess that Sussex, are signing turn off from your Sussex royal Instagram account as they say goodbye to their life as an elderly members that the imperial family.

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The pair wrote a message of gratitude on Instagram Monday while noting the "you might not see united state here," a referral to the social media application where castle have more than 11 million followers.

"As we can all feel, the world at this moment seems extremely fragile,"" lock wrote. "Yet we space confident that every person being has actually the potential and opportunity to do a distinction — as seen now across the globe, in ours families, our communities and also those top top the front heat — with each other we have the right to lift each various other up to realise the fullness of that promise.

"As us all uncover the component we room to play in this an international shift and an altering of habits, us are focusing this brand-new chapter to understand exactly how we can ideal contribute,"" they composed in the caption. "While you might not see us here, the work-related continues. Thank you come this neighborhood — because that the support, the inspiration and the common commitment come the great in the world. We look front to reconnecting through you soon. You’ve been great! until then, you re welcome take good care of yourselves, and also of one another."


It"s the latest change for the royal pair after human being magazine reported critical week that they had left living in Canada because that Los Angeles.

The report motivated a tweet ~ above Sunday from president Donald trump card saying the the U.S. Government wouldn’t provide security come Harry and also Meghan. A spokesperson because that the couple then said that they have no plan to seek security defense from the U.S. Government.

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This week marks the official finish of the couple"s condition as senior royals, together they announced critical month the they will officially step earlier from their imperial duties on march 31.

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