The Duchess of Windsor Collection reached the highest civilization record because that a single-owner jewelry sale ever before conducted.  This imperial assemblage on the List of famous Collections was originally sold in 1987, by Sotheby"s in Geneva because that the record price of $53.5 million. The Wallis Simpson jewel Collection had 214 pieces.

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The Duchess the Windsor Jewels to be unique, no only because of  the record price they fetched  but additionally due come the truth that these piece immortalise the many controversial love story of modern times. The Jewels that make up of the Duchess that Windsor Collection, which King Edward VIII the the British royal Family, lavished on Wallis Warfield Simpson to be only part of the love story though.

View the Catalogue the the Jewels and also precious objects previously belonging to the Duchess of Windsor gift by Sotheby"s Here...

The pair marked the landmarks of their romance and two decades of their marriage with exquisite jewel keepsakes. 

 The Cartier jewelry from the Wallis Simpson and also King Edward VIII repertoire were again offered by Sotheby"s at auction in November 2010. Among the piece in the Duchess the Windsor collection that to be auctioned,  was the Cartier Diamond Bracelet. The Duchess wore the Bracelet on she wedding day.

The Duchess that Windsor collection record the Wallis and also Edward (WE) love story in a most an individual way.  The Sotheby"s auction  of the Jewels in 1987 collection international culture and the push agog.

For the Love the Wallis Simpson
Duchess that Windsor Ostrich Plume Brooch

Even celebrity couples in love were no enhance for this royal pair in love. They married in a personal ceremony  on 3 June 1937, at Chateau de Candé in France; the marriage readjusted the food of modern-day history. 

 Edward VIII showered the love the his life,  throughout their marital relationship with the ideal Jewels. Indeed, for this reason obsessed was King Edward VIII that Wallis,  the insisted the Duchess of Windsor"s repertoire of jewels it is in dismantled after her death. Edward VIII to be determined  the no various other woman beside Wallis  would ever before wear them. 

But, the King that England who became the battle each other of Windsor in 1936 when he abdicated the throne in dead to marry Wallis Simpson, one American divorcee, was no to have actually his way......

Around 1,000 bidders crowded into a huge tent put up by Sotheby"s alongside Lake Geneva for the two-day sale. In Sotheby"s new York, one more 600 civilization were in the key salesroom to see slides the the Duchess of Windsor Jewels and to have actually their bids relayed to Geneva.

The Jewel that commanded the highest possible price reached  £2m ($3.15m) to be  a 31-carat diamond ring by a Japanese jeweller.

The 3 Ostrich Plume Diamond Brooch was designed in 1935, through Edward (who to be at the time, the  Prince of Wales) for his future bride, before the wedding in 1937. That  was offered by Sotheby"s to the late  Elizabeth Taylor.

Diamonds and Elizabeth Taylor are synonymous yet  Peachy Pear Diamonds were no  Elizabeth Taylor"s only finest friends.

The American renowned actress, Elizabeth Taylor, was additionally an avid jewel Collector  and also a close girlfriend of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  She to buy  the neck diamond ostrich plume brooch (image above) together she openly  admired it once Wallis Simpson wore it, and bought it mainly for sentimental reasons.

Another famed Jewel in the arsenal was a sapphire pendant that was rumoured to have been purchase on behalf of fellow British actress and also celebrity, Joan Collins. Sapphires to be the Duchess the Windsor"s Favourite Gemstone; Wallis believed the colour of blue sapphires lugged out the color of her eyes, and they most likely did!

Rubies, Diamonds, Emeralds and also Blue Sapphires attribute in the exotic Cartier Flamingo Clip!

The Duchess was likewise a lover of organic Pearls. A splendid strand of herbal pearls, formerly of the collection of the Duchess of Windsor was bought  at the Geneva auction in1987 by Kelly and also Calvin Klein for $3,00,700. They marketed the  Natural Pearl necklace twenty years later for $3,625,000.  According to new York Sotheby"s jewel expert, Catherine Becket,  Queen mary handed the Pearls under to her boy - Edward VIII, bequeathing the crashes of mother-nature come Wallis Simpson, as her way of reconciliation, "perhaps, no of approval, but a type of approval the Wallis," add to Becket. (see recommendation 4)

The Duchess of Windsor  ~ above occasion would wear American costume designer Jewelry, consisting of Miriam Haskell Jewelry. Designer costume Jewelry to be not just worn by royalty, but likewise by countless of the rich and famous movie stars the the time, such together Joan Crawford, Lucille Ball, and Gloria Vanderbilt.

The large CatsThe Duchess the Windsor Collection


Among the Duchess the Windsor arsenal of jewelry gifts, Edward lavished ~ above Wallis Simpson was the signature "Great Cats" commissioned from the house of Cartier.

It to be the famed Panther Bracelet that enjoyed  pride the place amongst Wallis Simpson"s huge  Cat jewel Collection. 

 It to be purchased for the permanent collection the The Franklin Mint in ~ the Sotheby’s Auction top top April 2-3, 1987, in Geneva Switzerland. Twenty-three years later the Panther Bracelet  was sold at auction for $7.4 million in 2010. 


Another big cat, (bedsides the King;-) The Duchess the Windsor acquired was the Diamond and Sapphire Panther Brooch do by Cartier in 1949. 

The big cat ~ above this pin shows up crouching in a lifelike pose, ready to leap over the moon; on a huge perfectly ring cabochon star sapphire weighing 157.35 carats. The Panther Brooch was among Wallis Simpson"s favorite pieces.

Jewelry often speaks when words fail us. The Leopard is a member of the genus - Panthera - the an excellent Cats. One an interpretation of "big cat" which includes the four members of genus Panthera: the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopard, the commonality in this genus is that they are the only cats able to roar, rather than purr.

The Leopard"s Head has been the London city mark, (crowned & uncrowned) from 1478 come the present. The lion has been a price of the King that England, i.e., Lion-Hearted King of England. It is also the national pet of England and has been connected with English aristocracy for thousands of years.

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On the other hand, "Great Cats" have actually not played any major role in  the History of Jewelry  until Wallis Simpson proud of large cat jewelry strode top top the scene. She "big cats" began a jewel fashion tendency for feline bijou that has never shed its appeal. 

There are seven members in the big-cat family: lion, jaguar, tiger, leopard, eye leopard, mainland clouded leopard, and also the Sunda clouded leopard. Every them under risk from habitat loss, poaching and human wildlife conflict.  

The one typical trait, apart from their good size, Lest we Forget, is the big-cat"s loud and  dreadful roar.  After-all, the big cat is no labelled "King that the Jungle" because that nothing. Were the good Cats, Edward placed in the hands of the lady he adored,  a an effective yet silent trumpet blast, in forever abiding Jewelry,  that declared, Edward, whatever, was a King?


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