Television personality Duane Lee Chapman, much better known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” has actually joined themanhunt for Brian Laundrie,promising come catchthe fugitive boyfriend of slain lengthy Island native Gabby Petitobefore his 24th date of birth on Nov. 18.

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The fact TV star was checked out banging on the screen door that theNorth Port, Florida,home wherein Petito and also Laundrie lived with his parental on Saturday.

Helater called The post that he’s already received numerous tips on his 833-TELLDOG hotline – numerous of which point to Laundrie gift somewhere along the Appalachian trial, wherein he was recognized to camp for months at a time.

“That is the many leads comes in right now that say that,” Dog said The Post.

friend rose said she to be 100 percent sure and more that due to the fact that of his past, being there for 2 months in ~ a time that she said ‘I’m informing you right now that’s whereby he headed,’” claimed the 68-year-old bounty hunter, sitting with his brand-new wife Francis Frane, married just weeks ago.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman in ~ the Laundrie residence in north Port, Florida, on Sept. 25, / SplashNews

“That’s what the does. He’s a wilderness guy.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter in ~ the Laundrie home. / SplashNews

Chapman isn’t convinced that Laundrie is in the 25,000-acre Carlton Reserve near his home that is being broadly searched by authorities.

Laundrie, 23, vanished Sept. 14, 3 days ~ Petito’s family members reported she missing. The pair had been on across-country valve tripvisiting national parks when her family became suspicious after ~ she stopped calling, however sentseveral incongruous texts.

Her bodywas uncovered Sept. 19at a campground in Wyoming’s Bridger Teton nationwide Forest, not far from grand Teton national Park.

Wednesday, the FBI issuedan arrest warrantfor Laundrie, based upon his suspected usage of Petito’s debit map on Aug. 30 and Sept. 1, presumably together he drove ago to Florida in Petito’s van. He is theonly human being of interestin the death of Petito the the FBI has actually named.

Chapman doesn’t believe that Laundrie eliminated himself, saying the fugitive doesn’t strike him together a “violent guy” in any type of of the video clip footage released of the pair during the investigation, including one police bodycam video in Utah wherein Petito is viewed crying after ~ police comment to a domestic dispute.

Duane Lee Chapman states he’s currently received thousands of tips right into Brian Laundrie’s feasible whereabouts.William Farrington for NY Post
Duane Lee Chapman additionally said he will certainly cooperate through / SplashNews
Police bodycam clip shows mind Laundrie during an altercation with Gabby Petito on Aug. 12, 2021. HANDOUT/Moab City Police Department/AFP via Getty Images

Although Petito’s fatality has been ruled a homicide, Laundrie has not been accused of gift responsible.Chapman claimed he believed if the fugitive was involved, the is likely he would certainly categorize any type of confrontation as “an accident.”

He’s likewise accused Laundrie’s parental of having actually helped him escape, pointing out that Wyoming, wherein Petito’s body to be found, is a capital punishment state. Laundrie could potentially confront the death penalty if he to be slapped with a killing charge and also ultimately convicted.

“That’s their infant … This is no going come jail for 20 years,” he said. “This is execution.”

The score is to find Laundrie’s “starting point” entrance right into the state-stretching nature trail, Chapman said.

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“I desire anyone with information on Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts to call me at 833-TELLDOG,” he said in the statement. He claimed he will certainly cooperate with authorities yet keep the name of any kind of informants confidential.

Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito were reportedly in a toxic connection amid their van road trip.Instagram
The FBI has only determined Brian Laundrie as a human being of attention for the loss of Gabby Petito.Instagram