Some that the “Joe Teti Dual Survival” rumors room being put to rest, many thanks to the former exploration presenter addressing fan concerns himself. Teti and former double Survival co-host Matt Graham were gotten rid of from the display without much publicity end the summer; the show has since premiered its saturday season with completely new survivalists at the helm.

Why to be Joe taken turn off the show? according to our own recent report, the looks prefer Joe was eliminated from the Dual Survival crew complying with an event last May when he eliminated (or serious injured; reports differ) a stray dog ~ above set. The dog was claimed to have actually been chasing a fill of stray cats, and, once it obtained hold that one, Joe leaped right into the fray. Dual Survival‘s producers, though, didn’t take kindly come the incident, and instead offered it as an possibility to half Joe from Discovery’s offices. Soon thereafter, Dual Survival was officially canceled, only to be officially un-canceled main later…and to it is in brought ago for its saturday season through neither Joe no one Matt Graham in front of the cameras.


Joe Teti and also Matt Graham have actually remained almost fully silent top top the matter because last year, however the premiere of twin Survival season seven has renewed attention in the question. Matt Graham only addressed the worry briefly, in a thankful tweet from a few days ago. Joe hadn’t handle fan comes to until yesterday, as soon as he engaged in a Q&A top top his on facebook page and also was frank around how feel on being changed on Dual Survival. 

In solution to his fans’ appreciation, Joe had the complying with to say:

Guys, that is no secret, Matt and also I room no much longer on the show. That TV…people come and also go. Here today gone tomorrow. I had a great run, great time, and have good memories. I shot more episodes than anyone that has been ~ above Dual. Thats a home run in mine book. Support these new studs choose you sustained me. Im certain they will execute a great job and also show united state some brand-new tricks. Relocating on come bigger and far better things. Smile emoticon There are means WAY more important things going one right currently than a TV show. Not you agree?

Joe additionally addressed pan speculation that he and also Matt hadn’t gained along, and that the was part of the reason for discovery bringing in brand-new hosts. Follow to Teti, that couldn’t be additional from the truth:

 I have actually the upmost respect because that Matt. He is a rare breed of humanity that is at tranquility with himself and also his life. I have the right to count ~ above one hand just how many people I have actually met that fall into the catagory. I wish him every the finest that this life offers. No matter what the does, he will be successful. I learned a remarkable amount from him. I carried a notebook approximately with me while ns was shoot Dual. I have over 100 pages the notes and tips from Matt.

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