“It’s OK, guys!”

The new season the Dual Survival premiered earlier this main and, as The Ashley formerly told you, the display featured two brand-new hosts– wilderness survivalist Bill McConnell and former Green Beret Grady Powell. The new hosts were ushered ~ above the display without much fanfare from the exploration Channel, and also the network caught some flak from the show’s pan for obtaining rid of former hosts Joe Teti and Matt Graham. (Their alleged shooting is simply the recent in a string of actors changes over the past couple of years.)

The network merely wrote off the cast changes together a method to acquire “new perspectives” onto the show. If Joe and also Matt had actually previously been silent concerning why they room no much longer on the show, the guys have finally talked out ~ above the subject via social media.

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While Matt just tweeted to give thanks to fans for their support and also to permit them recognize that they will certainly be seeing him quickly a brand-new show, Joe required to his facebook page earlier today to resolve the problem in much more detail.

“Guys, that no secret, Matt and I room no longer on the show,” Joe wrote. “It’s TV…people come and also go. Right here today unable to do tomorrow. I had a an excellent run, good time, and also have an excellent memories. Ns shot an ext episodes 보다 anyone that has actually been on ‘Dual’. That’s a homerun in mine book.”

He asked that fans assistance Grady and Bill and also continue to clock the show.

“Give these brand-new guys a chance,” Joe wrote. “It is a an extremely demanding display to make. Besides the nerves of being in front of a camera, bouncing from one edge of the planet to the next, from warmth to cold to dried to wet, having to execute at a high level, wet, tired, hungry, sick, bad headaches, nausea, diarrhea, etc…etc….etc……makes the even an ext challenging.”

Judging from social media comments, ‘Dual Survival’ fans seemed underwhelmed by the premiere episode featuring Grady and Bill. Joe, however, seemed confident the the season will improve.

“They will uncover their groove and do fine. To trust me,” he wrote. “My first episode with Cody to be a disaster. Ns think they just showed the a couple of times in reruns. If you require a an excellent laugh…watch it. Ns was blessed to have learned from 2 of the finest survival guys that to walk this planet, Cody and also Matt. This guys have forgotten an ext about survival than I will ever before know. It take it my personal skill set on survival to a level I assumed I would never ever have. I still favor to have a lighter ~ above me though!

“Not gonna lie– I’m kinda happy i won’t be getting chased by baboons anymore…”

“Support these new studs choose you sustained me. I’m sure they will execute a an excellent job and show us some new tricks.”

Joe shown that he, prefer Matt, is moving on to various other projects, although that didn’t clues if any type of of those tasks will be on TV.

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“Moving on to bigger and better things,” that wrote. “There are way WAY more important points going one right now than a TV show. Don’t you agree?”

In a comment, Joe addressed the human being who say they will certainly no much longer watch ‘Dual Survival’ due to the fact that he is no on it anymore.

“Thanks men for the sort words,” the wrote. “Remember, contradictory to well-known belief and also what a couple of others think…I to be not carried into the show as a “survival expert” together I am no one, nor have I ever declared that….ever. I am a previous spec ops guy with a distinct background and also unique views around survival. To trust me if there were 2 Joe Teti’s top top that display it would certainly be awful. The magic is in between 2 males with different views and also how execute you manage that in a survival situation. Plain and also simple.”

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