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WE stayed IN RM 217 because that 2 NIGHTS BED BUGS on BEDS and BITES EVERYWHERE. Reported TO staff NOTHING was DONE.

I walk there with my kids in 2010 it was wonderful the breakfast was good I love the Hotel it to be nice and also clean but in 2011 us went back and this time the room was filthy they readjusted it to another room however this room has actually bed bugs i woke up and also my boy with a bit almost everywhere his arms and legs I move the pillow and also there was some underneath the pillow also in his blanket once I move them so ns will never go back again ns was so upset and the office seem not to treatment too much about it it"s too poor be

cause i really believed it was a nice little town but I will never ever go back there and you shouldn"t either since once bed bugs space there they"re pretty lot there for ever before they"re incredibly extremely difficult to gain rid ofand it"s no worth to take it them ago to your family since they execute travel v you

July 24, 2012 - many bed an insect bites from simply one might stay in ~ this hotel. Never had actually bed bugs before this hotel. The staff didn"t seem to treatment nor also anxious to deal with the problem.

Found proof of bed pest feces right when we got there and also were the end within 5 minutes. They refunded our money, a place like this needs to be shut down.

THIRTY-FIVE BED pest BITES through INTENSE allergic REACTION!! ROOM #141 (The Hopi Suite).Hotel Apsen InnSuites, 1008 east Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ 86001Reservation check in Monday, in march 8, 2010, checking out Friday, in march 12, 2010.The first night"s remain in the hotel was fine, yet during the second night, I got three an insect bites: 2 on my ideal hand and also one top top my lower right back. Thinking it was a spider bite incident, ns paid no particular attention.....but climate I got several much more bites

while i was out sightseeing that day up and also down my arms! ns reported it come the hotel and also they instantly wanted to relocate me to an additional room, so i gathered mine things yet could not acquire to the other room, as it was up a hill and due to a snow/ice storm that remained in the area, ns couldn"t also get mine rental SUV up the hill! Under the circumstances, ns opted to examine out of the hotel a job early and also headed down to Sedona, AZ. In the course of the day, I acquired FIVE an ext BITES! This intended the bugs were tracking ~ above me and my stuff and also I had no idea what lock were! fear came over me thinking, "Am ns going to track them right into other hotels.....my rental vehicle....the airplane....MY HOUSE?!" So i didn"t even bring my suitcase in to the carpeted area that the hotel in Sedona and bought two cheap t-shirts; one to sleep in and also one come wear the next day (no bites had occurred below the waist, for this reason washed out my underclothes for the next day so as to not clothing from mine suitcase!)I called the Hotel Aspen InnSuites the evening to notify them that this an essential information. The desk clerk said the general Manager would speak to me the following day, which the did. They had actually closed off Room 141 and also were getting pest control/inspectors to come and assess the situation. He dubbed me the next day to talk about the situation, was really empathetic and also called the following day to check that an infestation that BED BUGS was discovered on the HEADBOARD of the bed ns slept in! To make a lengthy story short, two days later, I had the ability to wash my clothes at the residence of a friend who I saw (she lives external of Phoenix). Us unpacked my suitcase outside and there were a couple of things that did not get washed, such together my suitcase, backpack and rain jacket. Fine don"t girlfriend know, as soon as flying home about 24 hrs after washing mine things, ns was ~ above a night-flight and also I offered my jacket together a blanket.... I acquired TWO more BITES, one on my face and one on mine chest! So as soon as I gained home, NOTHING came in to my home unless it was headed right for the shower head or the washing machine!So in total, I got 35 bites and also five days after getting the very first bite, the level of the allergy reaction had gained so bad that it to be going in to my BLOOD stream (you can see the red line going indigenous a bite close to my left wrist right on up my arm!)! I had actually to take it prednisone (awful!) and an antibiotic because that a week and it took 3 weeks in complete for the bites to clear up. Ns had ongoing talks v the hotel general Manager and listed him v a in-depth account of the incident and several photos so that he can submit a claim on my instead of to their insurance company. Note, three months have actually now passed. Ns have provided the insurance agency with all compelled documents, yet the hotel has not (pending submission of pest manage records). In the meantime, ns was notified yesterday that there is a likely chance the claim will be denied and I will obtain ZERO COMPENSATION, since the hotel go not have "MedPay" coverage, definition I can"t even get any kind of medical reimbursement. What?! This is reportedly optional coverage for which the hotel pays extra. Uh ok, so why would they opt for it? reportedly there has to be clear determination of negligence ~ above the component of the hotel in bespeak for your "general liability" coverage ~ above the building to kick in and for me, in turn, to have any type of hope because that reimbursement. Note, it would certainly be only be because that medical; no for remaining at the hotel, needing come get brand-new luggage, etc... Gosh, if the hotel would simply have the GOODWILL to reimburse the medical and also 3 nights lodging, that would only be around $300 the end of your pocket, yet I guess: v they feel no reason to carry out so.I have actually been share this suffer with anyone and everyone to heighten their awareness about bed bugs and assist them be PROACTIVE versus them, due to the fact that it is no joke that once you have actually them, they are terribly hard to get rid of and also heaven forbid you have actually the level of allergy reaction that i did! Luckily, my proactive actions when i got ago from the trip show up to have been efficient as ns have obtained no more bites, an interpretation they are not in my house (fingers crossed / no jinx!)For folks taveling to Flagstaff, AZ, inspect out the reviews on expedition Advisor.com. Return there are no other reports the bed an insect incidents, the in its entirety ratings from travelers around this building are not good. Plus, I would be leary around staying at any OTHER Hotel Aspen InnSuites property, together their pest regulate practices may be lacking.Thanks! Lisa

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