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This meme comes from a clip of defense camera footage that features a really drunk guy trying come buy beer, or rather, gain off the floor in the beer aisle. That is he? to be he top top the beer run for self or his buddies? We might never know.

The date and time listed in the video are 10:47 AM, Tuesday October 6th, 2009.

Break.com just lists "one month ago" as the date.

The same video was reuploaded to Youtube by countless different individuals as early as October 14th.

The video entitled "Worst shopping Run ever before was uploaded come Break.com through 0hLawdy.


The video hosted ~ above Break.com also made it come the Digg.com front web page on October 15th, whereby it was submitted with the location "Drunkest guy Ever" through Digger Eagles7977.

The same day, the video made it to Buzzfeed via Digg optimal Links

Urlesque"s Alex Moaba posted Drunkest Guy ever before Tries to Buy Beer, gets Remixed October 20th, compiling a perform of 10 good remixes created on Youtube in just the two weeks adhering to the incident.

The Huffington Post likewise featured some Drunkest Guy ever videos ~ above October 20th.

The video Game variation was posted Featured ~ above The day-to-day What on November 15th.

Destructoid.com, Gawker.tv, and Buzzfeed.com reposted the video clip game variation on November 16th.

The possible original parody:

Silent Movie ~ Larry Goes come the Market:

Video game Version:

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This meme peaked sharply in October of 2009, however interest in the image has shown a sharp decline as well.

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