Drug experimentation welfare recipients conserved Florida taxpayers almost $1 million in the very first month of implementation, leading two Oklahoma lawmakers come announce they will re-file comparable legislation in Oklahoma.

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“Last year once I filed this bill together a freshman lawmaker, we were told that the room of person Services stood to lose federal money if we imposed drug check at the state level,” said state Rep. John Bennett, R-Sallisaw. “Officials in Florida weren’t together timid and it is clear the program has been a substantial success in simply its first two months. As a result, we will try to breakthrough this common-sense revolutionary in Oklahoma again during the 2012 session.

According to a report approve by the foundation for federal government Accountability, the drug-testing requirement for Florida citizens seeking state help has led to denial the taxpayer-funded assistance to 9.6 percent of applicants, conserving $923,000 in the first month the the law’s implementation. Florida enforced the regime this summer.

The regimen is projected to save Florida taxpayers up to $9.1 million each year with $5.71 in savings created for every $1 spent to administer the drug-testing program.

Bennett said he and also state Rep. Male Liebmann (R-Oklahoma City) are working come draft brand-new legislation to require recipients that state aid to undergo regime drug tests as a condition of eligibility.

“If we as taxpayers space basically use the recipients of welfare, the taxpayers should have a guarantee your money is not being abused by the recipient,” Liebmann said. “Taxpayer money must not subsidize someone’s drug habit.”

During the 2011 session, Bennett filed home Bill 1083 to need those using for state-provided aid to undergo urine screening because that illicit drugs upon early stage application and also then every 6 months following.

The price of the test would have been deducted native the first payment come the applicant if the or she passes.

 Under the bill, any type of applicant failing or refusing to take a medicine test would have actually forfeited eligibility because that state-provided services for the following 90 days. One applicant that failed a medicine test while receiving benefits would have actually been ineligible for additional benefits for one year.

Under the bill, the decision to deny services can have been appealed and overturned if the applicant might show the testing procedure was faulty.

Bennett urged Oklahomans who support the bill to contact their local representative and senator to voice their support and also urge your lawmakers to authorize on as co-authors.

“It renders no sense to garbage taxpayer funds on medicine addicts in ~ a time when schools face budget cuts and also we battle to maintain our roads and also bridges,” Bennett said. “It is now undeniable that drug-testing welfare recipients would remove unnecessary rubbish and free up minimal dollars for better uses.”


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