There may come a time as soon as you are compelled to download a .zip file indigenous a DropBox link shared to you, or you’ve decided to share records via the well-known cloud platform through a partner or friend. Now, because of the rules of DropBox, the not possible for individuals to download a shared record that exceeds 1GB in size. Anytime you make attempts to download such a big file, one error that claims “Zip file is too large” must pop-up.

Zip paper is also large

The inquiry is, then, just how does one get about this issue. Yes, we recognize it’s rather frustrating and also time-consuming, but there room a couple of ways come slip v the cracks, and also we’re going come talk around them in an excellent detail.If you’re sharing a record with someone else that stands over the 1GB limit, climate we’d like to recommend dividing the .zip file into smaller pieces for much easier download. To get this done, it’s best to use 7-Zip, among the ideal freeware for compressing documents that is obtainable today.What provides 7-Zip exciting is the fact that it consists of an alternative to separation files, and from our experience over the years, it works rather well.

Split .zip paper with 7-Zip


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