July 5, 2021Facing Download Error because that Zip FIle? right here are the finest Methods come Download a big Zip document on her Dropbox Account and also Fix ZIP paper Too Large.

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ReVerify record Limits

First and also foremost, it’s important to be aware of the maximum file size the Dropbox permits because that its uploads and also downloads.

So if girlfriend bypass any kind of of the dimension limits, there are a high chance that you would obtain the abovementioned error message. Furthermore, carry out keep in mind that there’s no tweak therefore that would let girlfriend bypass this limit.

One straightforward method to fix the Dropbox ZIP file’s too big issue is to shell out part bucks and upgrade your current plan.

Apart native that, some various other workarounds carry out exist that you may also shot out and get the many out of these restrictions. Let’s inspect them out.

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Method 1. Try out Dropbox desktop computer Client

While the Dropbox website negates the need to install standalone software, however this convenience comes at a cost. You could only upload or download ZIP documents that weigh in 1GB or less.

To bypass this paper restriction, you will have to switch end to its desktop computer application, which would allow you to handle huge compressed files, over 1GB in size.

Then beginning the setup and proceed with the on-screen instructions to install it.Once Dropbox is installed, authorize in through your account and it will immediately sync v the Dropbox folder on PC.Now the the integration is complete. All the Dropbox records are synced come the desktop computer client.You can simply drag the zip from Dropbox client on Windows traveler menu to your windows HDD/SDD journey or copy-paste the zip from client to windows storage.
3">Likewise, if someone has actually shared the paper with you, then you may easily accessibility it best from your PC’s record Explorer itself.

There’s no denying that making a move from Dropbox’s website come its application does contact for a couple of extra steps. However, since it is typically able to spell out success in fixing the Dropbox ZIP document too huge issue, this might well be your go-to technique from currently on.

Method 2. Break-up the ZIP File

This is a tried and also tested an approach that comes v the best success rate. This is what you should do. Let’s mean Dropbox has placed a maximum ZIP document upload limit of 1GB.

However, her compressed file is fine ahead the this limit. So, in the case, you can break this 1GB record size right into two or an ext smaller ZIP files and then upload them individually. Here’s how;

Now, you require to gain hold of the uncompressed variation of her file. If you don’t have actually it, then decompress the ZIP record via 7ZIP.When that is done, right-click on her file, pick 7ZIP > include to archive.
4">Now describe the separation to volumes section. Readjust its dimension to MB and input the worth accordingly.
5">For example, I required to upload a 4.5GB file, and also I had entered 500MB together the value of the individual file. For this reason this, in turn, offered me 9 ZIP files of 500MB each, which i then conveniently uploaded over to Dropbox without any type of issues.
6">So type in your worths accordingly, rename the compressed papers if required, and then upload them to the Dropbox servers. That’s it; via this method, friend have properly bypassed the file-size limitation.Now you can download the split zip file.

Method 3. Complimentary Up warehouse Space

If friend are gaining the aforementioned error message once trying to download a file, then chalking the next course of action shouldn’t it is in a tough job. The error translates to the fact that you room running out of Storage space on your PC and hence there’s a require to totally free up some space. There are quite a few ways through which you could do so.


The much more straightforward strategy involves deleting the unnecessary files, moving files and folders to another drive, and deleting cache and temporary files. Girlfriend may likewise use the windows baked-in disc Cleanup tool to carry out this task. So try out this tweaks, cost-free up the system an are and the Dropbox ZIP file too big error must be fixed.

Method 4. Use DropBox in Incognito Mode

There have been a few instances wherein the record size was well within the limits, however, individuals were still getting this error. Turns out, the concern was because of a third-party extension. Come verify if the is the situation with you or not, take into consideration disabling every the expansions or try browsing in an incognito environment.


The latter is an less complicated approach and also would instantly disable all the extensions for the present session. So usage the Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut keys to launch the Incognito/Private Mode and also then shot uploading/downloading the file, watch if it fixes the Dropbox ZIP document too big issue.

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So with this, us conclude the overview on just how you could fix the Dropbox ZIP file too large issue. We have shared five different methods for the same. Do let us recognize in the comments which one worked out for you.