Voting by letter is a safe and secure procedure that"s straightforward for you, the voter. Learn exactly how to obtain on the active Early Voting perform (AEVL) for every eligible vote or inquiry a ballot by mail because that a details election.

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Arizona"s Ballot By mail System

Ballot by mail has actually been obtainable in Arizona for over two decades. In the 2020 basic Election, about 89% of ballots actors were early on ballots. Together the bulk of Arizona voters currently choose this an approach to vote, the infrastructure and security procedures are well in place to for sure ballots are safe and secure. Arizona has actually an energetic Early Voting list (AEVL, and formerly the Permanent early on Voting perform (see SB1485, 55th Legislature)). AEVL permits a voter to sign up for a letter ballot to instantly be mailed come them for every choice they are eligible to poll in. Voters may likewise make a one time inquiry for a ballot to it is in mailed come them. At an early stage voting starts 27 days before the election, for this reason voters can expect to receive their ballot in the mail shortly after.


Ballots will be mailed the end to voters that space on the active Early Voting list or have requested a one time beforehand ballot via first class mail. The deadline to inquiry the county mail friend a ballot is 11 days prior to the choice (falls ~ above the second Friday coming before the election). We recommend making her request as early on as possible.USPS advises: whereby voters will certainly both receive and also send a ballot through mail, voters must submit your ballot request early enough so the it is got by your election public representative at the very least 15 days before Election Day in ~ a minimum, and preferably long before that time.


1. Arizona law allows voters options on just how to return your voted ballot, outside of mailing it through USPS. You deserve to return your voted ballot by:Dropping it turn off at any type of voting ar in her county or; Depositing the in any kind of secured ballot drop crate in her county.

2. If you great to return her ballot with USPS, the is recommended the you return that as shortly as possible. The latest day recommended come mail ago your ballot is 7 days before the election. Postage is prepaid and does not require a stamp.

3. Clean elections does no recommend using exclusive carriers come return your voted ballot if you space in state. Voter that room temporarily the end of state and not a uniformed or abroad (UOCAVA) voter, should contact their county recorder through questions about using a exclusive carrier come return your voted ballot.

4. UOCAVA voters have the choice to receive and also return their voted ballot electronically. Click right here for an ext information.

5. If you space unable come mail her voted ballot back 7 days prior to the election, it is recommended that you drop it off at a polling ar or in ~ a ballot box.

6. Track her ballot. Voters have the right to look increase the status of your ballot digital to confirm if it was received and counted. Maricopa county voters deserve to sign up for text and email notifications.

7. Ballots room non-forwardable. Voters that will certainly be out of city or away from your residence should call their county recorder instantly so they have the right to mail their ballot to their short-lived mailing address.This is extremely necessary for voters out that state, including college students, as mail times could be affected and the voter will need to enable as lot time as possible to receive and return their ballot.

8. All VOTED BALLOTS need to BE obtained NO later THAN 7PM ON election DAY.In Arizona, postmarks room not sufficient. The ballot should be got by the county Elections public representative by 7pm on choice Day, even if it is it is mailed ago or dropped off at a voting place or drop box.

Please visit the United claims Postal Service"s newly launched website about election mail to discover more.

Why Ballot by Mail functions in Arizona?

How go our current national atmosphere surrounding poll by mail impact Arizona in theupcoming election? we talked to Tammy Patrick, senior Advisor for the Democracy Fund and also national choice mail expert, to uncover out.

Get Started

The first step is to know the difference in between a one-time early ballot request and also the active Early poll List, so you have the right to decide what works ideal for you.One Time beforehand Ballot Request
Voters can select to inquiry a ballot through mail because that the upcoming election only. Some factors to perform this include if you choose not come visit the polls as result of COVID-19 concerns, if you understand you won’t be able to vote on choice Day, or if you like to have more time with your ballot to research the candidates and issues.How to inquiry a One Time beforehand BallotJust contact your ar recorder by phone call or email, visit their website, or click the button below. You can additionally request a one time at an early stage ballot for both the primary and also general elections in the same request. Inquiry a Ballot by MailActive early Voting ListVoters can pick to be put on the active Early voting List. This way that the voter walk not have actually to call their county ahead of every choice to request very early ballot. The ar will instantly mail the voter an early ballot because that every choice they room eligible to vote in. A voter deserve to remove us from the AEVL perform at any type of time.How to sign Up for AEVLYou deserve to sign up for AEVL is top top and complete a brand-new voter registration form. You will be inquiry if you want to sign up with AEVL and your currently voter registration document will it is in updated.Removal indigenous AEVLA voter might be removed from the AEVL if the voter walk not cast their letter ballot in at the very least one choice over the course of two consecutive election cycles and also fails come respond come an official notice from the county recorder or elections office. For more information on how a voter may be removed from the AEVL, please see SB1485.Please note, removal native the AEVL is not removal from the voter registration rolls. Fail to vote a letter ballot walk not result in the voter"s surname being eliminated from the voter it is registered rolls.

Participate In Elections

How carry out I vote By letter in Arizona ElectionsAfter you have actually made your request because that a ballot by mail, the ar Recorder will certainly mail you your ballot. Ballots room mailed beginning 27 days before the election. Begin checking your mailbox for your official early ballot throughout this time period. How to vote an early ballot?
Step 1. Request your early ballot (either one time request or sign up because that AEVL).

Step 2. Retrieve her ballot from your mailbox.

Step 3. Vote her ballot.

You can uncover voter education tools from Clean poll to assist you learn around the candidates and the issues. Be certain to mark your ballot follow to the instructions consisted of in your early ballot package and also use the appropriate type of pen.

Step 4. Ar your vote ballot inside the at an early stage ballot affidavit envelope.

Step 5. Sign the early ballot affidavit envelope. Your ballot will not it is in counted unless you execute this step.

Step 6. Seal her ballot and return that (see below).

Step 7.Verify her ballot to be received and counted (see below).

Make her Vote Count

However you decide to return your at an early stage ballot, every ballots should be got by 7:00 p.m. On choice Day.

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how to return very early ballot By Mail:

You should always plan to mail ago your ballot at least 7 days prior to election day, come ensure that is received by the county in time. The unified States post Office recommends 7 days because that returning ballots through mail, i m sorry is very first class mail. Postage is pre-paid so every you have to do is drop her signed and also sealed ballot envelope in the mail.

Drop the Off:

If you don’t have sufficient time to mail your ballot back or prefer to return it in person, you have several options:

You have the right to drop her ballot turn off at any type of in-person early voting locations, including the ar Recorder’s Office or vote Office.Some counties have secured ballot fall boxes. You can drop your ballot turn off in any kind of ballot drop crate in her county.You deserve to drop her ballot off at any type of voting location in your county on election Day. No must wait in line. Simply head right inside the voting location and drop it in the early on ballot bin. Friend can obtain an ns Voted sticker too!

However you decision to return your ballot, just remember to sign IT and also that the ar RECEIVES that by 7:00 p.m. On choice Day.

What is a ballot fall box?

A ballot drop crate is a secured bin listed by County election Officials where voters deserve to return their voted ballot. Castle are situated in a for sure location, such together inside or in prior of a federal, state, local, or tribal government building. The choice Procedures hands-on details the defense measures compelled for ballot autumn boxes. Click below to read much more (page 60 of the manual).